10 Creative Ideas For Small Scale Marketing Campaigns

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When you’re looking for ideas on how to promote your business, it can seem like you’re always running dry. The Internet is chock-full of innovative and outrageous marketing ideas that have really paid off, so what do you have to do to get similar results? The answer is simple: get people talking. If your product or campaign is so intriguing that people can’t resist sharing it then word of mouth will invariably translate into an increase in traffic.

Below are 10 ideas for small scale marketing campaigns, each intending to be something people will want to talk about. In every case, don’t use these to promote a hard sell but instead assert yourself as a creative and knowledgeable about your subject.

6 Free Ideas

1. Learn how to Make An Origami Animal (there are many tutorials online) and add them to the bags with purchases. Unfolding the animal could reveal your website, contact details or just an uplifting message.

2. All purchases come with a free “mini how to,” a small piece of card or paper that lays out how to create a simple craft project.

3. If you’re already attending a craft/vintage fair then wear a sandwich board advertising yourself. This is great for your trip to the shop for lunch as sandwich boards never fail to turn heads and they’re delightfully vintage.

4. Make A QR Code and print them off with simple messages such as “Scan me to learn a secret!” or “Scan me because I’m sweet!”. These codes can lead people to website pages with cheerful images or information around your product. Don’t make it a direct sell, make it appealing and interesting in a casual way.

5. Do a monthly newsletter on a topic of interest for your customer base (e.g. if you make cakes then tips on the best recipes, if you design bracelets then information about your process/what inspires your designs)

6. If you’re knowledgeable about your craft then share! Becoming a trusted resource on a topic will make your customers loyal and will also improve your Google rankings. Don’t hide them inside PDF’s but instead create a series of webpages if you’re particularly interested in getting noticed by Google.

4 Affordable Ideas

7. If you do a newsletter and you’re working within the vintage industry then actually *post* your newsletter for one month. Ask for addresses and whether people want to be included in a special newsletter and then start posting. Make the newsletters special and vintage in any way you like (tea staining the envelopes is a great start) and see how people react to getting post they actually *want*!

8. Get A Sturdy PVC Display and promote your business by putting it in strange places (e.g. up a tree, floating in a pool). Take photos and post them to an album, which people might want to share.

9. Partner up with a local charity and give a small donation for every purchase made.

10. If you’re a digital artist then sign up for broadcasting software from your computer and your customers can watch you at work! Businesses such as Livestream offer this service for free or you can choose from their price plans so it’s down to whether you think it’s worth it.

Kelly Edwards works for Marler Haley and loves reading up on how to help small businesses grow! She makes crafty things in her spare time.