3 Design Features To Spice Up Your Home

3 Design Features To Spice Up Your HomeSource: Pexels

Adding thoughtful design features to your home makes it feel cosier and tailored to your style. There are common elements people add to their house, such as family pictures and plants, so it feels homey. In addition to adding these common features, there are unique and unexpected things you can add to your house for a personalised design.

1. Original Artwork

When you add artwork to your house, it can be used as a focal point in a room, a conversation piece, or bring you tranquility. If you often host gatherings, you may lean towards adding a piece of artwork that sparks conversation amongst your guests. If home is primarily a place to retreat for relaxation, a serene piece of artwork can give you something to gaze into to help you feel at ease. Including original art in your home also gives you an opportunity to support a fine artist Frenchtown NJ, while having something in your home unique to your taste.

2. Whimsical Light Fixtures

Most houses have generic-looking light fixtures – a light bulb with a plain cover that has no interesting design elements. However, light fixtures can be beautiful in addition to practical and can contribute to the overall theme of a room or house. For example, if you have a room with a large fish tank and oceanic theme, you can get a light fixture that has bubbles in the blown glass to contribute to the water vibe of the room.

3. Colourful Textiles

Something overlooked in the average home is the vibrancy that colourful textiles add. Beyond a blanket from a department store, adding handmade textiles adds art in places people don’t typically expect to see it. Think of walking into a living room that has an overall nature theme. When you look down, you see a handmade rug interwoven with various colours and birds in trees, which matches the nature theme of the room.

However you design your house, the best route is to have it reflect your style and be a space in which you feel at home.