3 Essential Staff Members Any Manufacturing Boss Needs

3 Essential Staff Members Any Manufacturing Boss NeedsSource: Pixabay

Being the boss can be wonderful, but it can also be lonely. You’re forever isolated from the people you work with. They won’t be themselves around you, and a lot of the office jokes will go skipping right over the top of your head.

That’s natural. Think back to when you were an employee; there were certain parts of yourself that you held back from your boss’ gaze. That’s fine… to an extent. When your business is involved in manufacturing, however, then it can cause a problem. When much of your business is automated rather than requiring your daily involvement, a lack of communication and staff hiding back from you can be a very bad thing.

That’s why you need three types of people around you, to support you in your role as the boss. To an extent, the roles that they perform within the company are largely irrelevant – this is as much about personalities as the work that they do. Over time, when you know what you’re looking for, you will be able to identify these personalities at interview. In the moment, you can encourage traits in your existing staff members. Being the boss is lonely, but you can’t let it be lonely to the detriment of your business – and finding three people with the requisite personality traits is an essential for your business to flourish.

1. The Person Who Will… Support You

A lot of the work involved in running a company is making decisions that will impact the lives of other people. Sometimes, those decisions might be difficult ones. You might need to make someone redundant, as they exhaust their stay in the last chance saloon. Or it might just be moving the company in a new direction, in search of business pastures new.

You’re going to need someone who is comfortable supporting you in these decisions. Workers tend to band together against any form of change, so someone who is willing to back you up singles themselves out as an ally.

2. The Person Who Will… Tell You The Truth

Workers lie to their boss, especially in manufacturing. They say a deadline will definitely be met, because they don’t like the repercussions of having to tell you an unfortunate truth. This can delay the progress of your business, and potentially even harm relationships with clients.

The truth is that someone who is willing to look you in the eye and say a system is failing or the push button switches are sticking and delaying work – well, that’s someone you should treasure. They are unafraid to potentially upset or annoy you, because they recognise the most important thing is getting the job done. Hold on to the person who is happy to tell you straight, every time.

3. The Person Who Will… Challenge You

Having a manufacturing workforce who blindly accept everything you suggest and implement is a recipe for disaster. No one person is going to make the right decisions all the time; even you are fallible. So if you have an employee who is willing to question your calls, then they’re not being subordinate – they’re a vital part of ensuring you are always on track with your choices. They might occasionally ruffle your feathers but, in business, that’s not always a bad thing!

With the above three personalities amongst your workforce, then your business is on course to succeed. Good luck.