3 Essentials To Help You Stand Out At A Business Expo

3 Essentials To Help You Stand Out At A Business ExpoSource: Flickr

For a business to generate income and appeal to new customers, you need to be seen. For the most part, your advertising and marketing budget will allow you to take care of this. However, when it comes to being seen by a huge number of customers in one go, a business expo or event might be the best choice.

At expos, events, and trade shows, you have a captive audience. It’s an audience that is already interested in the niche your business is in, meaning that every customer is a potential sales lead. Attending expos can be expensive, but also incredibly beneficial to your business.

Naturally, given the time and expense required for expos, you’re going to want your business to stand out and draw crowd attention. Without focusing on this area, you could go through a lot of organisational effort for very little reward.

1. Give Away Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie, even if it’s not strictly related to your business. Sweet treats are usually your best bet, drawing a crowd who will then hopefully stick around to linger at your exhibition.

You have two options when it comes to procuring and using sweet treats for an expo. You can grab a simple muffin recipe from http://www.bestrecipes.com.au/collections/muffin-recipes and create multiple batches by yourself. Or, if you’d prefer the easier (albeit the more expensive) route, you could buy muffins or cupcakes emblazoned with your company logo — just to hammer your message home!

3 Essentials To Help You Stand Out At A Business Expo

Source: Pixabay

2. Mark Your Space

The larger an expo is, the more you’re going to need to define your area and make your business stand out as an individual enterprise. You need to physically mark your space, ensuring that every passing customer knows that you are not related to the stalls around you — so they should come over and check you out.

A display arch like those seen on eventdisplay.com.au/inflatable-event-archways can help you define your space during outdoor exhibitions particularly. Outdoor events tend to sprawl, so an eye-catching defined area for your business will help you to stand out. You could even use bunting to mark out a specific area, or room dividers are a cheap and easy way of separating out your own space.

3. Spread The Word

Don’t just hope that by attending an expo you will naturally draw customers. Sure, a lot of focus will come from passing footfall, but you also want to make customers seek you out. In the week leading up to the event, spread the word on social media or through direct mailing campaigns. Mention the sweet treats you’re going to be offering, as well as other attention-grabbing features of your exhibition. Explain on each advertisement where your stand is located; hopefully, customers will arrive having made a mental note to find your stall.

In Conclusion

It’s important when attending an expo to keep working the room and defining your space. It’s not enough to just be there; you have to draw people in, find ways to capture their attention. If you manage this, then an expo could be a very profitable way of generating interest in your company.