3 Marketing Tricks To Get Your Kitchen Business Off The Ground

3 Marketing Tricks To Get Your Kitchen Business Off The GroundSource: Pexels

Most sales based businesses use quite similar marketing strategies. Social media marketing plays a big role these days, but that doesn’t work for every business. A kitchen or bathroom company can’t get by on a good online presence and a few billboards. When people are buying something smaller or cheaper, they are going to be willing to take a chance on something that they think will be good. You’d be stupid to spend loads of money on ripping out your old kitchen and putting a new one in, without being entirely sure that you’ll love the finished product. That’s why kitchen and bathroom companies need to use more traditional methods, that can give customers more insight into the product. If you’re struggling to get your new business off the ground, try these methods to improve sales.

1. Online Design Tool

When a customer starts to think about getting a new kitchen, they’ll probably begin by looking through catalogs and picking out colour schemes and fixtures that they like, but it won’t properly start to take shape in their mind. Having a great kitchen design tool on your website makes the whole thing more personal. Once they put in the dimensions of their room and start putting together their own personal kitchen, they’ll be more likely to carry on the process and eventually buy one. By seeing the design on the screen, they will visualise the finished product and once it’s cemented in their mind, they won’t be thinking about going elsewhere. It also helps you out on your end because when it comes to finalising the designs, you’ll already have a basic framework from their online design.

2. Showrooms

The kitchen and bathroom industry is one of the few where a physical shop is still the most important thing. You can get a good sense of smaller products from a few pictures, but nobody is going to take that chance with a kitchen or a bathroom. They need to see it as it would look in their house. However, a showroom isn’t always viable. If you can’t afford to open a showroom right away, you’ll have to make do with a home visit. Get yourself some portable bespoke exhibition stands so you can take a professional presentation with you. It won’t be quite the same as a showroom, but if your presentation is good enough, you can still make sales, and it’s much cheaper than opening and maintaining a showroom.

3. 3D Renderings

3 Marketing Tricks To Get Your Kitchen Business Off The Ground

Source: Wikimedia

Another great way to give your customers an idea of how their kitchen will look is to use a 3D rendered image. You’d be surprised how good the technology is these days, and although it won’t be exact, it’ll be close enough, as well as being a lot cheaper. If you can combine it with your online design tool, customers will be able to do a big part of the process before you’ve even had to go out there.

When you’re starting a kitchen and bathroom business, you can’t follow the same marketing advice that most industries use. Instead, you need to do everything you can to immerse your customers in the product.