3 Smartphone Features We Should Expect To See By Christmas

3 Smartphone Features 2013

Before the technological revolution that introduced smartphones had occurred, people were used to mobile phones. The difference between the two is clear. You only get to make calls, read texts and play simple games with mobile phones. On the other hand, smartphones have additional features like internet, video players, cameras, Bluetooth and MP3 players. It’s almost like having a portable laptop inside your pocket. Despite all these feats, developers are still working on incorporating new features into smartphones.

So, what should we expect come this Christmas? Well, the answer is tricky indeed but assumptions can be made by observing current trends. Here are three features that you might see very soon.

1. Flexible Screens

Foldable Notebook with Flexible OLED Screen!
Foldable Notebook With Flexible OLED Screen by jhonmarshal

Numerous companies are already experimenting on the idea of a foldable screen. This means that users will be able to play their favorite games and watch videos on larger screens. The technology behind this feature is known as OLED—Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Nokia has already embraced the idea and has plans for using it to manufacture smartphones that can be worn in a similar manner to a wrist watch.

The benefits of flexible screens are countless but don’t Sell Your iPhone just yet. Wait until Apple launches a phone that has an extremely larger screen but can fold nicely to fit into your pocket to do so.

2. In-Built Projectors

Samsung Galaxy beam (projection)
Samsung Galaxy Beam (Projection) by CCS Insight

Ever since Samsung released the Digital Light Projection, abbreviated as DLP, in 2010, developers have been dying to include an in-built projector in smartphones. This means that smartphones will be used at meetings, seminars and conferences in place of projectors in the near future. In addition, game enthusiasts will not require TVs as the feature functions on any flat surface. However, the amount of light released by the projector is expected to be smaller initially. With technological advancements, the release of full beams will be possible.

3. 3D Screens

Samsung Full HD 3D LED Monitor with Creative Asymmetric Design
Samsung Full HD 3D LED Monitor With Creative Asymmetric Design by samsungtomorrow

Apple has been able to provide the sharpest screen resolution currently in the market. Visit SellShark.com to learn more about the Retina Display. Nonetheless, more is still expected.

Now, companies are anticipating 3D screens that are capable of showing holograms. Several phone models already have the 3D screen thus the ability of moving folders using the hands is already possible. What is expected in future is the capability of re-sizing and compressing images, which appear as holograms, by simply grabbing them.

In general, smartphones have a lot in store for the average user, as well as the technology enthusiasts.

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