3 Things You Need To Start Your Own Convenience Store

3 Things You Need To Start Your Own Convenience StoreSource: Pixabay

If you’re thinking of opening up your own convenience store, then it’s like likely that you’ve already thought enough to look for places from which you can buy your goods, such as bread, milk, tinned goods, and other foods that your local corner shop typically stocks. However, there is a lot more to running a convenience store than simply the products that you sell. Here are just a few things that you need to consider before you start buying bulks of cheddar cheese.

1. A Property

First and foremost, you need a building or property from which you can run your business. Many different small businesses can be run from home until they start to make a regular profit, but a convenience store is different. You will need a property that is within walking distance of plenty of homes, to ensure you live up to the “convenience” part of a “convenience store”, but also has some parking available. This is for those who may live a little further away, but not closer to another store. You should also ensure that you are fairly far away from any other competing convenience stores. You tend to build up a rapport with your local corner shop owner, so it is unlikely that loyal customers will leave their existing store, and come to yours if they have to choose between the two.

2. Necessary Equipment

Once you’ve got the property sorted, you need to fill it. You may have your food supplier sorted, but you also need somewhere to store the food. Shelving is useful for things like bread, chocolate bars, and tinned foods, but perishables will need to be chilled at all times in a fridge. You may also consider buying a couple of drink fridges for smaller bottles of pop and water. If you intend to stock a small supply of frozen goods, you will also need a freezer. A cash register is another necessary purchase, and you might also want to consider investing in a cash point or consider accepting bank and credit cards as payment.

3. Employees

No matter how hard you work, it’s unlikely that you are going to be able to be in your store for every hour that it’s open. Doing this will cause you to spread yourself too thin, and make mistakes, so you need to hire some help. You don’t want to employ a massive amount of people, until your store is up and running, and you see how much trade you get. However, two or three sales assistants are necessary. Even if you intend for the store to be family run, it is always good to have a few employees outside of your family, in case you want to go on holiday or out for the day, and don’t want to lose business.

Always remember that although setting up your business is hard, it will all be worth it when you start making a regular profit, so stick with it, even through slower periods.