3 Things You Should First Teach Your Teenager About Picking Up A Guitar

3 Things You Should First Teach Your Teenager About Picking Up GuitarSource: Pexels

Allowing a child to learn an instrument is one of the greatest things you can do as a parent. It allows them to express their creative talents in the form of a beautiful and celebrated piece of kit, and this gives them the opportunity to start young in making beautiful music. It can increase their confidence tenfold, teach them the power of having hobbies and growing towards a goal, as well as showing them that life is always better with music. Getting them set up needn’t be too expensive either, but the real cost you must pay before they begin if they’re to succeed at all is to teach them the following tips which can help them succeed. No matter if they plan to be the next guitar maestro, or they want to simply keep a fun hobby during their schooling years, consider teaching them the following:

1. Teach Them That Equipment Should Always be Carefully Considered

Helping your child develop a relationship with an instrument is easier when you provide them with something of quality. For example, an fa-100 at kindsound.com can work beautifully as the first complete package a guitar player is subject to. Teach them why you are purchasing this equipment, what is has over other models, and that they should always respect it. This valuable piece of equipment for a child of this age should teach them the priorities of care in property, looking after and repairing the item after months or years of use. It’s a small but healthy thing for them to think of in all circumstances, and sometimes that’s enough.

2. Teach Them Social Integration

Even the most alienated child can find a refuge in music, and this can introduce them to people they wouldn’t have otherwise have met. Encourage your child to get out of their comfort zone and join the school or local band, and teach them the importance of doing so. A group of friends meeting up to relax or hang around the mall is always fun, but that isn’t anywhere on the same level as a band jamming out to their favourite tunes and coming up with their own. Who knows? One day, your teenager could be the frontman of the new Led Zeppelin.

3. Teach Them Musical Significance and History

It’s hard to find a great musician of the past 50 years who hasn’t implemented a guitar in their works, of course aside from classical composers. Guitar playing is so universal it immediately grants you access to an entire world of beautiful and incredible artists who can shake the very foundations of a teenager and inspire them to rock out in their own way. Music is a language that transcends borders, time and cultures, and is intrinsically understood by all. In that instance, using music as a tool to develop the cultural self-awareness of your teenager could even be called an educational tactic.

These tips will be best used if implemented altogether. Find your child lessons, have them practice often and before long, you will have a maestro on your hands.