3 Top Technology Innovations That Could Benefit Your Business

3 Top Technology Innovations That Could Benefit Your BusinessSource: Flickr

There are tons of easy ways to improve your business, but technology might just be the best. The latest innovations in the business could really help propel your company to success. Check out these top technology services that could benefit your company.

1. Cloud Services

Cloud services are a big trend in technology right now. If it sounds confusing, then it isn’t particularly. For example, your iPhone uses iCloud, which is Apple’s version of cloud services. iCloud backs up all of the files on your iPhone and stores them securely online. So that in case your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can have everything back to the way it was with a tap of a button. The principal is similar for you business. One of the many cloud services on offer is remote backup. So if any of your work files go walking, they can easily be recovered again thanks to cloud backup services. Another great cloud innovation on offer is cloud server hosting. If your business’ system is horrendously slow, then this simple alternative could fix that. You get the power of an expensive, technically sound server without the cost of purchasing costly hardware.

2. Social Media Management

Social media is massive in business right now. If your company isn’t on a form of social networking, then it needs to reconsider its marketing strategy immediately. If your business is however proactively making use of digital services like social media, then it could well be proving tricky to manage. Hootsuite is an exceptional social media management tool. It has support for over 35 popular social networking sites. This includes the essentials like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But also niche alternatives like FourSquare and LinkedIn. From a Hootsuite dashboard, you can push all of your engaging content from one place and easily manage each social media feed. They even sell specialist packages made for enterprise users. There are other great social media management tools too like Buffer.

3. Google Services

Google’s services are second to none. They are the industry’s leading technology company for a reason. Google Drive can provide businesses with a great cloud storage solution. What Google Drive is best for, however, is seamlessly working alongside Google Docs. It is a totally free online application. With it, business’ can manage and create content with almost all the tools available to users with Microsoft’s Office suite. So this is a cheaper alternative, too. Multiple users can access a single document at the same time, and you can see the live edits people are making. It’s very useful, particularly if your business lies in copywriting, publishing or journalism. It’s not just word processing either. Google has apps for spreadsheeting as well as making presentations, similar to PowerPoint.

Ultimately, any of these three technology innovations could serve your business well. All of them are bound to increase productivity levels within your office and really do exemplify how technology is the future. Be sure to invest in one or all of these technology innovations and watch your business benefit almost immediately.