3 Ways That Social Media Is Changing Advertising

3 Ways That Social Media Is Changing AdvertisingSource: Pexels

Social media is a big deal in all our lives now. From catching up with friends to checking out the latest news or products, it is somewhere that most of us spend a lot of time. The figures around the big social platforms bear this out, with Twitter having over 300 million active users and Instagram around 1 billion! This just shows how popular these platforms are for people to spend time on.

This has naturally had a knock-on effect for business and the way that the advertising sector works now also. As social media continues to grow, it has a major influence on how you may market your own business or how others will try to sell their products to you.

Social Media Is Making Waves

Although social media is not a new invention comparatively speaking, the way that it has changed the advertising sector has really gathered pace in recent years. Most businesses will now make it a central part of their online advertising plans and how they find or retain clients.

If you want to know more about exactly what changes social media has inspired in advertising, then the below should help:

> More Emphasis On Photos And Videos – compared to traditional ways of advertising, social media is a heavily visual medium. From platforms such as Instagram that are centred on visual posts to the others that allow people to upload images also, photos and videos are huge in social sites. This has led to the whole advertising sector changing how it markets to consumers by using more visual stimuli. As we get more used to interacting with visuals on social media, the advertising industry also engages us in this way. Ads on Facebook videos show why this is the case perfectly. This sort of engaging, fun and interesting content is exactly what the advertising sector is using now to connect with the public.

> More Personal Contact – another change that social media has brought about for advertising is how businesses now talk to you. Social media is such a personal and direct medium that it allows for a closer business-consumer relationship to be constructed. This has led us to expect this more natural approach when businesses try to connect with us via other marketing channels.

> Changed Where Brands Use Resources – the runaway success of social media and how effective it is for advertising has led to the industry having to change its priorities. Many CEOs now will invest more than ever into social media advertising and less in other more traditional methods such as print advertising. This move away from the old ways of advertising into new digital methods has been a major way that social media has affected advertising.

Advertising Takes A Fresh Approach

In general terms, social media has come along and really made companies think about how best to advertise their products. With so many of us using social media now, it has made advertisers not only use it to reach us but also change how they interact with us. As the social media platforms thrive into the future, this is only likely to be truer.