4 Best Family Video Games Out There Right Now

4 Best Family Video Games Out There Right NowSource: Pixabay

It’s not the typical pastime of a gamer anymore to be isolated in the gaming cave, rather it’s the more family oriented games that are making the biggest splashes in the modern console markets. You only have to see the Nintendo Switch to get an idea of how more social the gaming market has become. So let’s have a look at the best family oriented games that have been making a splash in 2017.

1. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

A unique take on an open world adventure, the cartoony setup is a great way to appeal to gamers young and old, meaning that if you’re reading this with a few toddlers in tow it’s a lot of fun, but is appropriate for everybody in the whole family. You play a character washed up on the island of Gemea that has been cast under the spell of an evil murk. Going through the game, you collect and craft items, and you do this by participating in various mini-games throughout the world, such as cooking, fishing, farming, and brewing. The great thing about this game is that it has various skill levels, which makes it appeal to all different ages. Younger children may enjoy collecting the different materials, and older players will enjoy dispelling the murk.

2. Portal Knights

This game is not a million miles away from Minecraft but with the more detailed worlds to explore. You have three characters to play, Warrior, Mage, or Ranger, where you have to accumulate gear and different abilities so you can defend yourself in the heat of battle. And while this game is centred around combat, it is suitable for all ages and can be incredibly engrossing so you may want to invest in a suitable setup, gaming desk, and a few comfortable chairs to get fully engrossed in the world. It is especially great for families because it can be played in a four person co-operative multiplayer, which encourages players to work in pairs or as a team in different locations to explore dungeons, build structures, as well as fight enemies.

3. Knack 2

If you want to have a bit more action, this is the best game for families. this is an action game with a platform twist where each player can absorb broken materials in order to accumulate new abilities. While the original didn’t catch on, the new version’s co-operative mode has been improved from the original’s brash multiplayer. With the new co-operative modes, each player has their own character to control.

4. Lego Worlds

Very similar to Minecraft, each player is building with Lego bricks. The great thing about these new Lego games is that they are very appealing to different members of the family. The addition of split screen on the console versions, as well as online multiplayer, this is one of the key family game experiences of the year.

The family experience is where it’s at now and it’s not just the typical sports games that end in arguments, it’s all about the more sophisticated games that are making their way into the market now for all the families to enjoy!