4 Main Factors Of A Safe Office

4 Main Factors Of A Safe OfficeSource: Pexels

If you run your own office, health and safety will be one of your main concerns so you can protect the wellbeing of yourself and your employees. Not only this, you could end up on the wrong end of a damaging lawsuit if you have been found to not correctly follow health and safety procedures. Though the majority of office work is done from a sitting position, there is still a whole host of potential dangers. Let’s identify some of the main ones in case you notice any potential problems around your workplace.

1. Trips and Falls

The most common type of office injury is caused by trips and falls. Though there is no sure-fire way that you can prevent people from tumbling over, there are a few things that you can do to make the office safer. First of all, you should keep the place as clutter-free as possible. Proper storage is important – as is making sure there are no trailing extensions cords. Another way to reduce the risk of people falling is with carpeting and other skid-resistant surfaces which doesn’t become slippery when wet.

2. Ergonomics

Staying seated at a desk and doing repetitive tasks can cause injuries related to posture and joint trouble. More seriously, a sedentary lifestyle is associated with heart conditions and other major issues. One way to combat this is by providing adjustable equipment that can allow people to move their chair easily. Standing desks are also becoming much more common. When you provide this type of equipment, it is important that workers are properly trained on how to use it. Issues like correct screen and mouse placement can really make all the difference.

3. Fire Safety

Though instances of office fires are steadily decreasing, it is still important to recognise that the threat exists. A professional company like Analogue Electrics can assist with the installation of fire alarms and other electrics around the office. As well as the proper equipment, you also need to make sure that everyone is well-versed on your fire policy and you should also remember to never block escape route or prop open fire doors.

4. Stress

Beyond the physical threats that exist in an office environment, there is also the stress which can be caused by many factors. There are a number of ways that you, as an employer, can help to deal with this issue. Firstly, you can encourage your staff to take breaks during the working day where they can step away from their screens for a few minutes. Also, you can help to create an office culture in which people feel comfortable coming to their managers if they are feeling overworked. Beyond this, there are all kinds of health at work schemes which you can look at implementing in order to encourage people to live better lifestyles.

These four points represent the biggest threats that face office workers and just a few of the things that you can do in order to tackle them and create a better working environment.