4 Musical Movie Adaptations That Live Up To The Stage Show

Les MiserablesSource: Wikipedia

There is something about going to see a musical stage show that really has the wow factor. Something that gives audiences a chill and fills us all with positivity and an upbeat sense of spirit. The loud music of a live orchestra and the ability to get up close and personal with the actors on stage is unbeatable. Recently there has been a surge in musicals being adapted for the big screen. With everyone including Disney getting in on the action with their latest movie ‘Into the Woods’ it has certainly been the year of the musicals. Things show no signs of slowing up either! Here are just a few of the musicals from recent years that can proudly say they’ve lived up to the stage show. These all have great Movie Soundtracks that will have you listening over and again.

1. The Phantom of the Opera

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical theatre show was adapted for the big screen in 2004. It starred Gerard Butler as the Phantom. This was a widely unpopular choice at first, but Butler soon proved his worth when he played the Phantom with a dark sense of mystery. Emmy Rossum played the role of Christine and was praised for her beautiful voice. This is one actress who seemed to fit the bill. Patrick Wilson was then cast in the role of Raoul. His chemistry with Emmy Rossum shone through. Despite a Few Mistakes, the music was gothic and enchanting.

Fans were pleasantly surprised with how well it came across on the big screen. The impressive use of big and bold pianos like those from Markson made it a real winner in the musical movies stakes!

2. Chicago

Chicago came to the big screen in 2002. Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly find themselves on death row in the 1920’s in this all singing and all dancing movie. Desperate to keep themselves in the public eye and save their own lives, each woman makes a bid to gain press attention and save her skin. Brilliantly acted by Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger. This movie hits all the right notes in a wonderfully over the top extravaganza that is worth a watch.

Les Miserables

3. Les Misérables

Released in 2012, Les Misérables focuses on the life of Jean Valjean as he spends his life on the run from the police. Officer Javert makes it his mission in life to track down Valjean and we witness the events that take place during the revolution in 19th century France. The stage show is an absolute masterpiece, so the film had a lot to live up to. It was widely well received by most. However, some hardcore theatre fans still argue that the characters and the music were much better in the stage show.

4. Mamma Mia

OK, so this one was a little bit cheesy. However, a stellar performance of The Winner Takes it all by Meryl Streep saves the movie and is a good enough reason to watch. It focuses on the life of Sophie as she sends a letter to her three potential fathers. Set to the music of ABBA, this is a laugh out loud and laid back movie. Expect the feel good factor but don’t take it too seriously!