4 Things We’re Tired Of Hearing About E-Learning

4 Things We’re Tired Of Hearing About E-LearningSource: Flickr

E-learning has become a big part of the way the businesses train their employees. And it’s not hard to see why. Here we have a tool that’s both accessible and cost-effective. But, despite all the benefits that e-learning brings, it’s dogged by bad press. Complaints range from the idea that it’s not engaging to the idea that it’s expensive. The problem is that many of these complaints simply aren’t true. Here are four things we’re tired of hearing about e-learning.

1. It’s Only for Techies

How many times have you heard that you need to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of e-learning? Too many times, I guess. Businesses tend to get into a thinking rut. They start to believe that new tools, like e-learning, are too sophisticated for their teams.

But the reality is that e-learning is simple to use. Just like your smartphone, it has benefited with the tech industry’s obsession with improving user experience. It’s not in their business to have a platform that requires a PhD to use. And so e-learning platforms are just as easy to navigate as your average website. Now surely that’s not too sophisticated for your team?

2. It’s Expensive

Take a step back for a moment and think about the raw business costs of in-person training. First of all, you have to pay for the costs of transporting a trainer to your location. Then there are all the associated costs of renting out space, materials and instructor fees. Immediately you realise that training in real life is probably a lot more expensive than e-learning courses.

Of course, e-learning still comes with a fee. But sites like Elliswhittam.com offer competitive rates on things like health and safety training. Remember, training vital to your business’s long-term performance. So don’t be hamstrung by the idea that e-learning is somehow a low more expensive than the other options out there. It’s not.

3. It’s Not Collaborative

Another common complaint is that e-learning is not collaborative. Businesses imagine that employees go into a room, sit in front of a computer terminal and don’t talk to each other. And if that was all they did, then, of course, we might be sceptical of e-learning. After all, collaboration is a mainstay of successful 21st-century businesses, according to theguardian.com. But this isn’t how e-learning works in reality. Modern e-learning tools allow employees to work on projects together, chat in real time and participate. It’s just as much about bringing teams together as it is learning new content.

4. E-learning Destroys Staff Morale

It’s hard to get employees enthused about training at the best of times. But when that training is through online learning, it can be more of a struggle. But here’s the thing: e-learning can be fun. Why? Because e-learning is fundamentally more interactive than traditional training. Employees don’t just sit still in a room listening to a trainer. E-learning allows them to do things that are interactive. Because they’re more engaged in the learning experience, they’ll find it more rewarding.