4 Ways To Get Google To Love Your Website

4 Ways To Get Google To Love Your WebsiteSource: Pexels

Getting your business website on the first page of Google can be the dream for many. Think of all the new customers you could get when someone searches for something that you have on offer. But having said that, it can feel like a pretty overwhelming and complicated process. There are some simple steps that you can be doing, though, that will help you to get on the front page. Is your business website doing any of these things at the moment?

1. Create Content

Blogging is an essential part of modern-day business. The reason being is that it means you are creating relevant content. And the more content that you have, the more Google will love what you are doing. When it trawls through the internet, if you fill up more space through the content that you are creating, then you’re more likely to get found. Make sure that you are sharing quality content, though. As any search engine optimisation expert like https://www.nustudio.ie/ will tell you, you need to be sharing quality content. Google loves correct grammar and spelling, as well as correct information given in the previews of your posts. If it isn’t, then you could face a Google penalty.

2. Don’t Duplicate Content

Another big thing that is a no-no for https://www.google.com is duplicate content. If you reshare someone else’s content word for word, then it isn’t going to look good (as well as infringe on copyright). So just concentrate on sharing your own quality content before the Google bots get you. If you want to cite an article that you liked, then back link to it, no problem. Just don’t copy and paste the whole article.

3. Choose Good Images

When sharing content on your website, whether it be from a store or on the blog section, you need to make sure that they are quality images. They should also say what they are about. People can just search for images online too. So there is a chance that you will want to come top on there too. If you simply call your image ‘picture1,’ for example, no one will find it. If you state what it is, for example, ‘office layout,’ then it is much more likely to be found.

4. Create Backlinks

Blogging and linking to your own content is a great way to help your website get a boost. It is also a great way to get your website on the front page. The more backlinks you have, the better your site will look in a Google search. You can also work with influencers to share content and link back to you, as well as link-swapping with other brands and similar businesses. But mainly, focus on your content and sharing some internal links.

It can take some time to get the whole search engine thing done right. But dedicating some time to it can be a really important part of your digital marketing strategy. Have you had any experience of the above?