4 Ways To Get More Productivity Out Of Your Landing Pages

Landing Pages

If you’ve ever taken an Art History class, you may be familiar with paintings from artists like El Greco (pictured) that direct your eye throughout the piece with invisible directional cues. How is this relevant to the productivity of your landing page? Your landing page should work much in the same way. It should be informative, seamlessly direct the audience to the information they want, and offer something stimulating.

So, you’ve got your website, your offering is on-point, and the mission is clear. You’d consider the “El Greco checklist” complete. But where is all of the traffic you were hoping for? How are people going to find you in the expanses of the Internet? One of the most important things you can do with your website is to make it productive.

El Greco - The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
The Burial Of The Count Of Orgaz by El Greco via Wikipedia

1. Be Patient

Now, wait a second before you roll your eyes at this one. In a world that provides information in the blink of an eye, our patience is becoming less and less—especially when it comes to online content. We want it and we want it NOW. But when it comes to building your SEO and generating strong, relevant content, it really does take time. Hang in there, keep doing great work, and people will notice.

2. Make Your Message Strong And Concise

Your landing page should have one clear direction and complementary features that all work toward a main message. Have someone with outside perspective offer some suggestions on how to make different elements stronger. Eliminate anything that may confuse or distract the site visitor and instead focus on a page that efficiently offers fresh, solid content that engages the target audience.

3. Stay Versatile

Mobile devices are connected to your audience pretty much at all times. And today, you can’t go somewhere without seeing at least half of the people in the room on their Smartphones. You know this is a major way to connect with your audience—be available to them in a mobile format. By making your site mobile optimised, you’re giving them more opportunities to access your information and in a format that says, “Hey, we get it. We understand that sometimes your main computer is in your pocket, and we can work with that, too.”

4. Try New Things

Once you begin to understand what works, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and experiment with some new tactics. Some of the best successes have come from a fresh idea. If you find something isn’t working well, you’ve still made progress in better understanding your viewers. Just be sure to stay focused on your main message.

Remember, your landing page is the jumping off point for the rest of your site. Make it work for you! Don’t be afraid to be an innovator and try a few experiments along the way. And as you continue to put out quality content that attracts the relevant audience, you’ll see that a little patience goes a long way.

Brad works for EnMast. They help small businesses get on the right track with tools and processes that are built for success. With businesses growing online it pays to have the best tools and collaboration strategies to help ensure success.