4 Ways To Make Selling On Multiple Sites A Breeze

4 Ways To Make Selling On Multiple Sites A BreezeSource: Flickr

For many business owners, it’s more profitable to use websites other than your own. As well as having a site for direct access, you might want to list your products or services elsewhere. For example, a retailer might put their products on both Amazon and eBay. An hotelier could list their property on both Booking.com and Expedia. But while this tactic might increase your chances of a sale, it can make things confusing. You might struggle to manage bookings across several platforms. Or perhaps it makes it hard to keep track of your inventory. The techniques below will make everything easier.

1. Multi-Vendor Shopping Carts

If you want to manage one store but use multiple vendors, that’s something you can make possible. By using a shopping cart and storefront such as Magento with Marketplace, you can easily set up a multi-vendor store. Sites like Amazon are essentially huge multi-vendor stores. But you don’t need to be a retail giant to build one. When you create your store, you could put the orders together yourself or have drop-shippers pick and package them for you. You might have everything go out in one order, but you can also have items from different vendors delivered in separate packages.

2. Use an App

There are several apps available that make it easy to manage everything from one device. Eviivo is specially designed for small hotels and B&Bs. It allows you to use lots of different booking sites. They have many partners so that business owners can see all their booking from a range of websites in one place. Having a mobile app available makes it easier to stay on top of things wherever you are. You don’t need to be tied to a desk if you can have your work on your phone or tablet. You can also create a website to take bookings independently.

3. Cloud Software

Using cloud software makes it easy to access your work whenever you need to. It also makes it easier to integrate different applications. You can match up different pieces of software and website tools so that they can work together. Cloud software like Sellbrite can help you list your products on more than one website. Then you can view all your orders and other info from one place. It can help you look after your inventory, without the complication of juggling separate sites. And you can get help with managing and shipping your orders too.

4. Control Your Inventory

It can be hard to manage your inventory when you have products on several sites. One way to do it is to use drop-shippers, so you don’t have to worry about stock. Using some cloud and mobile tools can also help you to stay on top of your inventory. You can avoid the problem of having to take a listing off one site when it sells on another. Use the right tool and it will do it all for you.

Selling on multiple channels can complicate things. However, there are always tools to make things go smoother.