5 Apps To Cheer Up Your Commute

5 Apps To Cheer Up Your CommuteSource: Pexels

Every weekday morning and evening, hundreds of us commute to and from work via train. Even if you enjoy your work, few of us enjoy this time spent commuting. However, it needn’t a wholly dreary occasion. Downloading a few apps onto tablet or smartphone could help make the trip much less stressful. Here are just a few of the things apps could help you do during your commute.

1. Meditation

Having to force oneself out of bed early, wrestle one’s way onto the train and deal with delays can make commuting a stressful experience, having an impact on your mental attitude for the rest of the day. Of course, once you’re actually on the train, you then have the time to relax before work. Why not spend this time meditating? Apps such as Headspace have been designed specifically to counter stress. Even if it’s your job that’s the main stress, such an app could eliminate the anxiety beforehand and get you in a more positive mood.

2. TV/Movie Streaming

For all those times you’ve been eager to get back home so that you can continue watching that TV series, there are now services that could allow you to catch up on your tablet or phone during your commute. ShowBox for iPhone and iPad is now available for download, as are other movie and TV streaming services. Just make sure you don’t get so engrossed in your favourite show that you miss your station!

3. Audiobooks

Apps such as Audible offer a huge library of audiobooks that you can stream on the go. Whilst previously this may have involved clogging up your phone’s memory, such apps operate entirely through the Cloud. It’s a great tool for getting through books whilst still being able to keep your eyes open for each station.

4. Taking Notes

Most smartphones already have in-built note-taking apps, but for more organised note-taking a more elaborate app such as Letterspace might be in order. You can organise your notes with headers and hashtags. Whether you want to make notes for a presentation at work, create a to-do list for when you get home or make a note of movie you need to watch at a later date, this can be a useful app to have.

5. Working on the Move

If the workload is getting heavy in the office, don’t feel the need to go in earlier – why not use your commute to catch up? Whilst certain tasks may be hard, other organisational tasks may be easier to carry out. Diary apps can be particularly useful, giving you that time to update your schedule and plan the week ahead on a Monday morning commute, rather than doing it once you get into the office. Most business programmes are now cloud-powered and have apps – for example you may be able to access to continue work on spreadsheet, get through your morning emails or continue a design that you started all from the comfort of your phone.