5 Cosy Business Space Updates That Will Make Your Employees Happy

5 Cozy Business Space Updates That Will Make Your Employees HappySource: Pexels

A lot of people believe that employees only care about the size of their paycheques and a prospect of promotion. Still, this attitude is completely off the point. You see, every human being reacts to outside stimuli, which is why most employees don’t quit because of the job but because of their boss. In order to fix this, you can try to make their work environment more employee-friendly. Here are few ways in which you can do this without giving everyone a raise.

1. Remove the Cubicles

For decades, cubicles stood as a symbol of white-collar work post. Unfortunately, in recent years, it was pretty much proven that this office element is all but productive. Sure, it gives you your own space in the overcrowded office floor, but it also alienates you from the rest of the room. This gives some people an opportunity to slack, while benefiting only the most introvert members of your staff. For this reason, removing the cubicles and opening up the room might be the right thing to do. It goes without saying that you should still align desks so that people get privacy.

2. Going Outside

One of the greatest downsides of a traditional office is a fact that it exists in a confined space. This is why some companies decided that going outside is the only sensible solution. This made them add some work desks on the balcony or even build decks on their rooftops in order to turn it into a workspace. Unfortunately, the idea of taking your office outside has one major drawback- it is weather dependent. In order to deal with this particular issue, you could try to cover the area with awnings. According to people working with retractable awnings in Sydney area, these covers protect both from rain and sun, making your office’s outdoors area available for most parts of the year.

3. Green-Up the Space

Another thing you could do is try to green up the space by adding the appropriate amount of pot plants to the mix. For this, however, it would be smart to look for plants that are easy to maintain, like snake plant or peace lily. Otherwise, you would either have to put someone in charge of watering them and in this way distract them from their actual work. Other alternative would be to hire someone to do so, which may become a problem for your already strained budget.

4. Making a Breakroom

Watercooler chats are the best, but only for people participating in them. Placing a watercooler right next to someone’s desk means condemning that person to listen about other people’s vacation while they are trying to work. The solution to this problem is quite simple- you need to make a separate breakroom. This area needs to have enough comfy seating like sofas, armchairs and lazy bags, but also few means of entertainment like a ping-pong table or even a pinball machine. Sure, this may require a bit of investment on your side, but the end results are more than worth it.

5. Upgrading Your Bathroom

Finally, one of the greatest problems people sometimes face at the workplace is the reluctance to use office bathroom. In order to help them overcome this mental barrier, you need to find your way to make your bathroom into a more pleasant environment. First, make sure it is completely immaculate, but without making it look sterile since this too can seem discouraging to some. Provide it will all vital bathroom necessities like toilet paper holders, air fresheners, soap, clean towels and, of course, reliable locks in order to make your staff feel safe. Furthermore, you might want to hang some wall art (even DIY made) in order to enhance the atmosphere a bit.


All of these upgrades are cheap to install, but their emotional value for your employees cannot be labeled with a price tag. In this way, you can show your staff just how much you care for them, without having to promote people out of order or hand out raises that would further burden your budget. In other words, a clear win-win scenario.

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