5 Of The Best Educational Apps For Kids

5 Educational Apps

While tablets were developed for entertainment, they have now become valuable tools for childhood development for children as young as two. More and more educational apps that are both creative and fun are being developed by leading developers in mobile applications. If you own a Samsung Galaxy tablet or one of the many Bell.ca Android Tablets, why not download apps that are kid-tested, kid-approved, and most importantly educational. Here are 5 of the top educational apps that kids of all ages will enjoy playing while they are developing or away from the classroom.

1. Toy Story Read-Along

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Reading can be a very challenging skill to develop. The more you encourage your child to read, the more skilled they will become. Your little one will be excited to read with apps like Toy Story Read-Along where they can read stories, paint, sing along, and play games.

2. Math Magic

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Throw out the flashcards and keep your children interested in math facts. If your child is struggling with math, or you simply want to get them ahead of the class, Math Magic is an interactive app that will keep your young math gurus engaged. It caters to young kindergartners and even children in 5th grade.

3. Sums Stacker

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This game has a sneaky way of teaching and is disguised as a fun game. Catering to children five years old and older, this game will teach children how to improve them math fluency without doing all of those boring workbooks. Some of the skills children can learn include addition, subtraction, English and Spanish numerals, and roman numerals.

4. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

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Preschool is an important year in educational development. Children learn their colours, letters, numbers, and even basics in reading. The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app is a fun program where the games are intuitive for pre-reading aged children and will focus on the set of skills that preschoolers learn.

5. Interactive Alphabet

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Teach your kids their ABCs early on in life and they will develop much faster than kids who wait until preschool. Interactive Alphabet is a fun, colourful app that caters to children between eighteen months and five years of age. Children will not only learn their ABCs, they will also learn how to identify upper and lower case letters and can learn phonics sounds for early reading.

Playing games on your mobile device does not have to be seen as a waste of a time. If you are looking to turn your tablet or your mobile phone into an educational tool, download educational apps and tell your kids to start playing.

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