5 Security Issues Developers Overlook

5 Security Issues Developers OverlookSource: Pexels

Software development is a hot topic in tech circles. However, software security often takes a back seat. With induction of IoT (Internet of Things) wearables and BYOD (Bring your Own Device) in the workplace, this issue is important more now than ever before. Here are some security issues that are often overlooked during the development process but shouldn’t be –  

1. Unencrypted Data

For hackers or malicious users, a database can be a treasure trove of information. It can contain anything from a company’s competitive information that can be sold to the highest bidder or executive level usernames that can be used to gain unauthorised access to sensitive data. And it can be accessed if it is left unencrypted during data transfers.

Businesses that depend on networks or applications to correspond or transfer files are more at risk in this regard. The best way for developers to avoid breaches is to identify sensitive data and encrypt it between servers and browsers with best practice methodologies.

2. During App Sessions

Ever wondered why you have to log into an app again after being inactive for a few minutes? Its because your session timed out. Session timeouts are important in apps since they prevent hackers or unauthorised users from accessing your account.

However, sessions tend to be longer for certain software like business apps. Faster timeouts are undesirable since they cause hitches in workflows. Unfortunately, this also makes them open to security threats. Longer sessions cannot be avoided but developers can initiate countermeasures that can secure software during prolonged access.

3. Improper Coding

Research shows that most security issues stem from common software errors – errors which often lead to bugs, defects and logic flaws. Developers are encouraged to adopt best practice coding methodologies during development to keep software secure – but despite the warning, we still come across vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. While it is not possible to eliminate all code defects, developers can lessen the security implications by following best coding practices.

4. Unnecessary Privileges

Simply giving users access to UIs or data that they do not require is a security risk that is often overlooked by developers. While it is organisations that determine the level of access for each employee, it is up to developers to design systems that allow users just enough rights to perform their respective roles and nothing else.

5. Buffer Overflows

A buffer overflow is a form of software exploitation and happens when an application or software tries to input more data in a buffer than it can hold. These can result in all sorts of problems like giving malicious parties the chance to infect it with malicious code or cause data corruption.

These attacks are actually pretty common but often go undetected. Some examples are Format string attacks and Heap buffer overflow. The best way to counter them is to identify events that lead to them and strategise security measures accordingly.

Author Bio: Craig Robinson is a professional application developer in an agency. He likes to write articles which are based on his knowledge and expertise. Currently, he is developing HTML5 game to deliver some exiting and entertaining features for user.

Craig Robinson is a professional application developer in an agency. He likes to write articles which are based on his knowledge and expertise. Currently, he is developing HTML5 game to deliver some exiting and entertaining features for user.

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