5 Simple Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Store

5 Simple Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your StoreSource: Pexels

You know that there are plenty of people walking and driving past your store, but only a small fraction of them end up coming through the doors. And if you want your store to be successful, you need to have as many people entering as possible to increase the chances of making a sale. If you want to improve your ‘in off the street’ numbers, then there are a few things you can do to make your business stand out. Take a read of our advice below, and prepare yourself for an influx of visitors.

1. Spot The Errors

The best way to add curb appeal to your store is first to try and spot any fundamental errors that you’re making. You get so used to your store that it’s probably been a long time since you “saw it” in the same way as passing customer sees it. Stay away from your premises for a couple of days, and when you return it, approach it as if you’d never seen it before. Would you approach this shop, if you weren’t the owner? Make a note of what’s wrong, and then fix it.

2. Focus On Your Signs

Your signage is much more important to your business than you probably realise. It works on a basic level – as in, letting potential customers know that you’re there and what you specialise in – but also says a lot about your image and standard of quality. If you have an old sign that has graffiti and missing letters, then it’s unlikely the passing public will be impressed. However, if you have a well-made sign, one that’s mounted with sign standoffs, then people will know that you take your store seriously. These small details might not seem important, but they are.

3. Clean And Welcoming

You need to buy a product, and you have two stores to choose from. The first is well-lit, clean, open, and welcoming. The other is dark, has litter hanging around outside, and because the door is closed, you’re not even sure if it’s open. Which one do you enter? Of course, it’s the former. Your entryway is the first thing anyone will see, so make sure it’s in prime condition. It really is worth hiring a cleaner to make sure the front is presentable.

4. Mix Up The Store Front

You’ll hopefully have a big, clear window at the front of your store. To get people’s attention, you need to be mixing up your displays regularly. If you don’t, people will get as used to your store as you do, and won’t think to pop in to see what’s new. If you’re struggling for ideas for your front, think seasonally. Scary displays during Halloween, snowy ones during Christmas, and so on.

5. Passing Freebies

Finally, remember the tried and tested staple of getting people interested in your store: freebies. On busy days, have a staff member stand outside your premises and hand out coffee or a tasty treat. They might not enter there and then, but they’ll notice your store and will be back.