5 Tips For Corporate Entrepreneurs To Help Promote Employee Health

5 Tips For Corporate Entrepreneurs To Help Promote Employee HealthSource: Pexels

Sitting and standing still for half of the day and working non-stop is not exactly a recipe for healthy life. We often let career ambitions and productivity requirements cast a shadow on something we all hold dear, our health and wellbeing. Thus, business owners and managers should encourage everyone within the company to develop healthy habits and implement related programs in the workplace. It’s high time to embrace a holistic approach and make a difference with leadership style, workplace wellness initiatives, work organisation, management practices, social support, etc.

1. Health Programming

The wellness programs are the bedrock of a healthy workplace, and they ought to be inclusive and affordable. Try not to squeeze fun and entertainment out of them because that decreases the participation and engagement. Set team challenges to make certain people are on the same page and drive mutual respect, empathy and support among them. You can take advantage of gamification techniques as well, and award points for accomplishments. This boosts not only the health, but also employee morale, satisfaction, and productivity across the board.

2. Take a Break

Furthermore, don’t force people to work their fingers to the bone without breaks. Research has shown that our brains cannot function efficiently for extended periods of time and that concentration and focus usually dwindle after a few hours. Other scientific studies have established that even closing your eyes for two minutes after an hour of work helps you rewind and prevent eye strain. Hence, many entrepreneurs are in a precarious position, a paradoxical situation where the more employees work, the less productive they are. So, we have to turn a new leaf and ditch obsolete practices.

3. Sitting and Walking

Long work hours tend to take a toll on health and give rise to various issues. In order to turn this situation around, you need ergonomic furniture and customisable workstations with the properly positioned screens and computer components. Much of the time spent in the office is sedentary, but some jobs require workers to stand. Therefore, employ anti fatigue mats to mitigate weariness as well as prevent foot and lower limb disorders and discomfort. It helps if the design of the workplace allows an uninterrupted flow of traffic, enabling people to walk and stretch their legs.

4. Cultural Revolution

Nurture the kind of a company’s culture that dissuades risky and unhealthy lifestyle choices and behaviours. Lead by example and be passionate and persistent. The first step is awareness and education, so let people gather relevant data about personalised health and lifestyle. Workshops and seminars, even wellness journals should do the trick. In the next stage, managers and owners should give workers a push in the right direction. To facilitate this positive change, provide a mix of incentives, tools, and coaching opportunities.

5. Wholesome, Winsome

Put emphasis on wholesome nutrition, good sleeping habits, staying hydrated, benefits of regular physical activity, etc. Remind employees to always carry a bottle of water around and demonstrate them that nothing beats the nutritious salad or home-cooked food. Note that there are many ways to do a workout or yoga in the office. Also, do not lose sight of amazing, rejuvenating benefits of fresh air and light. Nothing should obstruct the flood of natural blessings coming through the windows. Finally, strive to bring the outdoors in with potted plants: Workers will be able to stay fresh and on top of the daily tasks.

6. Hale and Hearty

Fast-paced corporate environments are plagued by a wide array of health risks, but it does not need to be so. There is a way to manage and address health conditions or disorders and take the performance of the collective to the next level. A personal wellness is just as important as organisational initiative, so educate your employees and foster a team mentality. Offer programs and supports that lead to sustainable health and you will empower everyone to take on even the most challenging tasks. Do not forget to evaluate the programs every now and then in order to tackle corporate health difficulties in an efficient manner.

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