5 Tips For Keeping Your Staff Safe In The Workplace

5 Tips For Keeping Your Staff Safe In The WorkplaceSource: Pexels

Anyone who runs a business should be aware of the paramount importance of ensuring that the staff are kept safe. This is one of the basic aspects of looking after the workplace. Regardless of what type of workplace it is, you need to make sure that everybody can go to work knowing they are safe and looked after. Fortunately, this is actually quite easy to achieve. All you need to do is take some basic steps to ensure your staff’s safety. Let’s dive right in and see what those steps are.

1. Lock the Premises

This depends in part on what kind of workplace you are in, but it applies everywhere to some degree. It is a basic part of health and safety to ensure that the premises are kept locked. However, you also want to ensure that all members of staff are able to get out quickly if they need to. This is an important part of fire safety, for obvious reason. Keep doors and windows locked – and question any unknown person who tries to enter.

2. Make Everyone Identifiable

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One of the most useful tools in the fight against unwanted visitors is name badges. While not all workplaces will find this necessary, they can be a great addition to any workforce. However, it’s not only name badges which can help. An even safer option is for everyone to have photographic ID cards. Ideally, these will be used to enter and exit the building. If you are looking for products of this kind, look no further than Imagine Products.

3. Lock Computers

It’s not just the building that needs protecting, but the intellectual property too. That’s why it’s important that computers are locked when not in use. Do everything you can to establish a culture in which this happens almost automatically. Whenever someone steps away from their desk, they should be protecting their computer. This also helps to protect against cases of impersonation or fraud.

4. Hire Great Reception Staff

It’s a good idea to hire receptionists who are exemplary at their job. Often, all it takes to keep a fraudster at bay is the right receptionist! It might also be worthwhile to get a security guard for the main entrances and exits. However, this all depends on your business and what location you are in.

5. Install CCTV

5 Tips For Keeping Your Staff Safe In The Workplace 2

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This might be considered a slightly more extreme measure, but in some cases, it will be worthwhile. Installing security cameras can act as a huge deterrent to anyone wishing to break into your place of work. There are numerous other benefits to having cameras, too. It is useful to have footage, just in case anyone is accused of something in the workplace. Nobody wants to think about the worst-case scenarios, but they can happen in any place of work. For that reason, you might also want to install a burglar alarm on the property. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the safety of your staff. Everybody has the right to feel safe at work.