5 Ways Of Keeping A Friendlier, More Efficient Workplace

5 Ways Of Keeping A Friendlier, More Efficient WorkplaceSource: Pexels

The workplace is a hugely important part of your business. Most notably for your employees. It can make a huge difference to how they experience working at the business. It can have an effect on creativity, motivation and health. It can change the entire corporate policy depending on what choices you make with it. There are a lot of choices you make with it, too. There are focuses and rules in office life you can change and design decisions that can change the company from the roots up. If you’re looking to make a workplace that helps your employees become an effective team, here’s how.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

The way we think and operate can very clearly be influenced by our surroundings. Nowhere is this more visible than the effect of clutter. A full, cluttered office can be a claustrophobic and even depressing place to work. A tidier, cleanlier one not only makes a workplace more pleasant to work in. It can also increase the pride of working there. Be firm with policies on keeping walkways clear and looking after clutter. Companies like All Points Waste Service can help you avoid dramatic build-ups of mess. Make the office cleaner and friendlier and employees will feel a lot better in it.

2. Eliminating Distraction

A lot of us will know that working in a row of tiny cubicles, separated from one another, is not the most beneficial kind of working environment. However, too open a space can be distracting. You don’t have to be naturally lax of focus for noise to get in your way. For one, you can teach your employees a code, a signal to signify when they’re not to be distracted. Partial partitions or using background white noise can be a great way to reduce the amount of specific noise interfering with work as well.

3. Make it Creative

5 Ways Of Keeping A Friendlier, More Efficient Workplace

Source: Pixabay

Making your space creative can result in the same for your staff. Creative thinkers are likely to be more engaged and better at problem solving. Think of how you can make a creative space by experimenting with things like comfortable and multi-purpose rooms.

4. Safety First

If you want your employees to feel valued, then actually value them in the workplace. Look after their health and safety. Keep walkways clear and use signage with spills to prevent slips, trips and falls. Train them on safety practices regularly. Most importantly, make sure they know how to avoid the usual office headaches. We’re talking eyestrain and repetitive strain injury. Proper lighting and ergonomic equipment can help them from your end, too.

5. Going Green

5 Ways Of Keeping A Friendlier, More Efficient Workplace

Source: Wikimedia

Being more environmentally conscious isn’t just good for the environment. It’s also a great way to contribute towards a positive attitude in the office. If people feel like they are doing good, they could be motivated to do more good in their work. All that and it has the added benefit of saving you on energy bills. Could save on other costs too, like the amount of storage space needed for a paperless system.