5 Ways To Keep Your Office Secure

5 Ways To Keep Your Office SecureSource: Pixabay

Every business has a place of work. For many businesses, this is in the form of an office building. In your office’s you store lots of hard data and personal details. You also have all your employee’s in there every day, so you need to make sure it’s safe and secure. Here are five ways to keep your office safe:


Install CCTV cameras on the outside, and inside, of your office building. You should have them installed in such a way that means you can see everything at once. That way you can monitor if someone is trying to break into your office or has arrived unannounced. If you can’t afford lots of cameras, then you should limit it to one’s at any entrance/exit points.

Even if you don’t have an intruder, a camera at the front exit can show you any visitors. It might be a good idea to place protection around the cameras, stopping people from breaking them. You can find wire mesh casings on http://ampwire.co.uk/ designed specifically for this.

2. Alarm Systems

You absolutely must install an alarm system in your office building. It should probably be the first thing you do. Alarm systems are monitored by someone off site. When an alarm is triggered, it sends a signal to the monitoring station. From here, they will alert the police of a potential break in, and they shall be dispatched.

Get an Alarm System that lets you manually set off the alarm too. This is important in situations where someone has bypassed the alarm and is in your office. A secret switch under your desk can send the signal to the monitoring station, signalling something is wrong.

3. Locks

Ensure that all doors have locks on them, and you should make sure the locks are up to standard. Get them professionally fitted, don’t try and do it yourself. The locks should be secure enough that no normal human can break them.

Technology has helped businesses over the years, and can help your with security too. You could use palm recognition, a key code or card swipe, which make great alternatives to traditional means. Also, put locks on the filing cabinets so no one can get in them without a key.

5 Ways To Keep Your Office Secure 2

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4. Security Passes

Issue each member of your office with passes, or ‘security passes’. At the entrance to your office, you should have a system that only allows those with a pass to enter. This way, only people you’ve issued with passes can get in and out. Any guests will need to have a guest pass before they can enter. It’s a simple way of stopping random people from just walking into your office.

5. Network Security

As well as securing the building and physical elements of your office, you need a secure network. It can be easy for a hacker to hack into an office network and steal lots of information. Make sure your network security is up to scratch and impenetrable. You’ll probably have to hire a network security specialist for this job.

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Keeping your office safe is vital for your business. You’re obliged to keep the people inside safe, and you need to keep information safe too. Don’t try and skip on the costs too. A safe and secure office is serious business.

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