6 Alternative And High-Intensity Ways To Deal With Your Business Stress

6 Alternative And High-Intensity Ways To Deal With Your Business StressSource: Pexels

Owning a business is stressful – there are no two ways about it. But the issue is how to stop stress from ruling your life. There are so many blogs out there that give tips on how to reduce stress – but a lot of them focus on calming your world through meditating, yoga and clean eating. And where all of that does work, and it is a perfectly good way of dealing with stress – it’s not for everybody. Sometimes the best way to shake off stress is to scream about it or to go base jumping.

Here are some high-energy or alternative ways of getting rid of your business stress.

1. Adrenaline Junkie

Connect with the adrenaline junkie with you. Going base jumping, skydiving or bungee jumping are all ways of getting the adrenaline pumping. The endorphins released by physical activity still occur when you are throwing yourself out of a plane, and the experience will be extreme enough that you won’t be thinking about tomorrow’s meeting while you are plummeting to the ground.

2. Intense Sport

High-intensity sports have the same effect as the above, just for a prolonged amount of time. Where a bungee jump might last for an hour – including the talk and gearing up – a sport can take all day. Some ideas would be rapid kayaking, free-climbing and hang-gliding. These prolonged times of intense activity gives you no room to think about anything else, and can help boost thought processes and creativity.

3. Work Out

You might just need a good round in the gym, or a run or bike ride. There are plenty of stress-busting workouts out there that are proven to deal with all the pent-up frustration you keep bottled up. Sometimes you just need to hit something – boxercise would be a good option.

4. Gaming

Video games have become an integral part of most people’s homes – especially millennials. With over 50% of millennials owning a gaming console, and many owning more than one. Gaming can be a good stress-buster, as it allows the gamer to become immersed in a different world where the worries of real life don’t matter. It’s like reading a really good book, except it’s you shooting the mob boss in the head, or you scoring that impossible goal. Gaming isn’t just limited to video games it includes phone apps like candy crush and online gambling sites where you can find the best online casino bonuses, bingo, and poker.

5. Binge Watching

We’re all guilty of it, and we all love it. Sometimes the best way of dealing with stress is to curl up on the couch with Netflix and binge watch your favourite series, or a show that you have had saved to your list for a year. Just taking the time to indulge yourself by doing something ‘naughty’ will help reduce your stress levels.

6. Dance

And not professionally – although if that helps you then go for it! But sticking on a playlist and dancing around like a fool. The exercise releases endorphins, and the childlike freedom you get while dancing like an idiot will make you smile. It might not get rid of the stress but it will help you to get in a better frame of mind to deal with it.