6 Fantastic Things To Do In Florida

6 Fantastic Things To Do In FloridaSource: Pixabay

If you’re thinking of taking a little trip this summer, why not go to Florida? If you already live there, then your life just became a lot easier! Today’s travel guide will take you through all the fantastic things you can do in this great state. We’ve tried to include a real mixture of things, so there’s something fun for everyone.

So, go get yourself a nice cup of coffee, settle down in your most comfortable chair, and start reading the best things to do in Florida:

1. Visit Everglades National Park

Talk to anyone that’s been to Florida, and they’ll tell you your first stop should be the Everglades National Park. This is a famous national park that’s full of natural beauty and showcases the wonders of Florida’s climate. It’s a special area of the state that’s been left untouched for decades now. There are marshes, swamps, gorgeous plants and so many amazing trees too. Not to mention the fantastic river that flows through it too. You’ll even get to see some truly stunning animals in their natural habitats as well. People that visit this park say they’ve witnessed panthers, crocodiles and even some little turtles wandering about. It has a real tropical feel to it and is definitely a place you should visit during your trip. What makes it great is that it’s fun enough for a family day out, but there’s also a deeper cultural feeling to the place. You really feel like you’re somewhere iconic, you’re in a park that reminds you of what Florida was like before the industrial revolution. For that reason, it’s a great place to go on your own or with a friend as well.

2. Go Fishing

It’s a well-known fact that Floridian fishermen are blessed with one of the best locations in the world. There’s something about Florida that makes it perfect for catching fish. There are loads of natural resources and an abundance of different aquatic creatures to try and catch. Of course, factor in the amazing weather and a fishing excursion sounds like a fantastic idea. There are loads of great fishing hotspots and a whole host of companies that you can set up a little trip with. They’ll take you out on a boat and give you the chance to catch some unique and interesting fish. If anything, it’s a great thing to do when you want to just relax and enjoy a slow-paced day for once. Definitely ideal for the older generation or anyone that wants a break from their kids!

3. See The Space Centre

If you want to do something that’s a little more serious and sciencey, why not visit the Kennedy Space Centre? This is the place where the US launched some of the biggest, most groundbreaking, and most important space shuttles in our history. To put it simply, this is one of the most iconic historical sites in the whole country. There are few places with such a rich and deep history as this space centre. You will learn so much as you walk around and really get a feel for what it’s like on the ground with a shuttle in the air. This is such a good idea if you’re interested in the history of your country and want to do something educational. Probably not the best place to take your kids as they might get bored because they don’t understand what’s happening. But, it’s perfect if you’re on your own or traveling with friends or a partner.

4. Universal Studios

You can’t visit Florida without going to Orlando and spending some time at the Universal Studios. What makes me laugh is that most people don’t actually realise this is a real studio with real actors that are making movies as we speak. Everyone just assumes it’s an amusement park and nothing else! While you can have a lot of fun in the amusement park section – some of the rides are brilliant, and I fully recommend you try them all – you can also enjoy poking your nose around the studio. There are some great tours that tell you about some of the world’s most famous films and how they were made. Not to mention you get a sneak peek at how special effects are used in blockbuster movies. It’s just a really wonderful place to take your family for a few days or visit with a loved one. This is one of those things that’s pretty much perfect for anyone looking to have a good time on holiday.

5. Go To Miami Beach

6 Fantastic Things To Do In Florida

Source: Pixabay

Florida is truly an amazing place as you can spend time in the tropical, almost rainforest-esque, Everglades, or you can visit some sandy beaches on the coast of Miami. The number one beach you have to visit is the genius named ‘Miami Beach’. While the name lacks originality, it certainly doesn’t lack gorgeous golden sand and a beautiful blue sea. It’s the ideal place to visit if you want a nice relaxed holiday where you just chill in the sun and get a tan. Not to mention there are countless restaurants dotted along the shoreline that showcases some of Miami’s greatest culinary achievements.

6. Disney World

Finally, you’ve all been waiting for it, Disney World. If you have children and are traveling as a family, this is the number one place to go. There are loads of themed hotels that provide you with the ultimate Disney experience, and it’s just a wonderful place to stay for a week or a few days. There is almost too much to see and do in Disney World, almost! You’ve got a huge selection of rides as well as all the loving Disney characters walking around the park. It’s a dream for your kids, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun yourself as well!

If you’re planning a trip to Florida this summer, make sure you do some of the things on this list. If you can cross everything off the list by the end of your holiday, then you’ve won summer.