6 Top Tech Gifts For Audiophile Music Fans

6 Tech Gifts For Audiophile Music FansSource: Pixabay

Let the music play on, and in geek land the tunes are never ending and getting better all the time. If you like your tech and love your music you must revel in the development of ever better ways to listen, discover and create sounds. Here are some gift ideas for the audiophile that should keep everybody’s ears happy.

1. Ear Buds

You can’t have enough pairs of these. Famously small and tidy, easy to lose and best of all discreet to wear. Freestyle earbuds are the way to listen and share your music.

2. Noise Reducing Headphones

These are for the serious music lover who doesn’t want to hear anything else but. It will pay you to see what is available. Quality is paramount as is flexibility and connectivity. Purists might select the Bose quietcomfort 25 but you can choose from a range on any good comparison website. There are styles to suit girls and guys. A great way to indulge the music lover and block off anything that might interrupt their pleasure.

6 Tech Gifts For Audiophile Music Fans 2

Source: Pixababy

3. Speakers

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes. It will depend on your taste and to some extent where you want to listen. Love music in the shower? Then waterproof speakers might be just by the job! If you like the look of water but don’t want to get wet, you could try the dancing water speakers. These set up ambient displays that will hypnotically change with the tune. Deeper sounds might respond to any boom boom speakers you care to plug into your system. Just the thing for the party or the budding DJ. Hi-tech mixing systems empower anyone to take the controls. Gramophone speakers replicate the His Master’s Voice look.

4. iPhone Dock

Listening to music on an iPhone might sound fantastic but looking at it hardly fills you full of admiration or style. Why not invest in a stylish dock that can, at least, add a little bit of heavyweight style to the experience? Music docks in carved timber look very cool.

5. Retro Sound and Style

Vinyl never quite went away, and now it is back with a tech vengeance and resurgence. Get your old albums out and play them on brand new turntables. You can get all sixties and retro with a fold up suitcase version or sleek and modern with a stand alone unit. Both should have USB connectivity. Diamonds are forever, and that is what will keep your needle playing.

6. Make Your Music

Guitars have always been a bit geeky. They certainly are now with the Jamstik. It’s like a small guitar neck with strings. Except these strings connect to sensors and that is what gives you the sound. And what a sound, seeing as you can choose between banjo, acoustic or electric. Apart from its portability, you can work with graded lessons and teach yourself whatever you like. Mini plug in keyboards will keep all the budding Mozart’s happy. None of which will replace talent but they could be a lot of fun.

If that all drives you back to the radio, then digital retro and futuristic radio have breathed new life into the genre. There’s a transparent see-through version that is quite cool.