7 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Home Business

7 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Home BusinessSource: Pexels

Running a business from home is certainly a brave endeavour. Although in many respects, it would seem to be the same – on paper – as any other kind of business, the truth is that it is quite different. More often than not, you will need much more dedication and determination than with a traditional business, and you will also probably find that there are certain challenges which might not be there for those with traditional business settings. However, it is also true that running a home business is easier than most people seem to let on, and there are many reasons why it might be one of the best ways to run a business in today’s world. Let’s take a look at some of the lies you probably tell yourself about your home business – and why those lies are stopping you from achieving even more.

1. You Need Loads of Money to Fund it

Most people have this idea in their head that you always need a huge amount of money in order to be able to fund a business. However, this is not necessarily the case. For many home businesses, it is often actually quite surprising how little money you need to get going. If you think about the basics that you need to get started, you will come to realise that there is not all that much. You will want some essential technological supplies, and that will be the majority of your upfront costs, but most people have a computer in their possession anyway. You will also want to make sure that you have a little something to fall back on, but generally your savings should be okay for that. All in all, you can get started relatively cheaply.

2. You Must Own the Latest Computer

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Does a home business rely on technology to succeed and carry out daily tasks? Sure. Does that mean that you need to always have the absolute latest in technology in order to be able to do so? Absolutely not. The fact is, most home businesses will require only very basic technology, most likely a simple computer and a couple of peripheries. If you stop drinking mocha lattes for a month, you could probably find the cash for all the technological equipment you will ever need.

3. You Have to Do Your Own Finances

There is something in the nature of those who run businesses from home that means that they tend to be fairly headstrong, and unwilling to let others help out very much. This is a generalisation however, and if you are someone who revels in being helped, then by all means take whatever help you want to take. But whatever you do, don’t go thinking that it is somehow vital that you carry out every single aspect of your business alone. The truth is that there are many parts of it which are best left to those who really know what they are doing (no offence). So if you are not incredibly adept at finances, be sure to outsource that work as much as you like. Find an accountant you feel you can trust, and let them take control from now on. That will free you up to spend more time on those aspects of the business which you enjoy and excel at.

4. You’ll Need to Leave the House

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Here’s something a lot of people struggle with believing: you never actually need to leave the house to run a business. It might seem like there should be one or two elements of running a business which requires you to go somewhere, but the fact is that if you wanted to you could stay in forever (not that you necessarily would want to…) The point here is that with an Internet connection and a phone, you can really do anything you like. Need to buy some stamps for your deliveries? You can buy them here and stockpile them for later. Need to send out that delivery? You can use a tailored courier service. Want to get marketing? Get on Twitter. Done right, you can run your business entirely from home – and save outside for socialising.

5. You Always Have to Pay for the Best Marketing

Marketing comes in many forms, and this is now truer than ever. Yes, you absolutely need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to promote your business as well as possible. But you might be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to do so from your home, without spending a single penny. These days, it’s all about social media. As long as you know how to confidently use Twitter, you can market your business effectively enough to succeed. And if you have a website set up with a decent URL, you are almost all the way there.

6. You’ll Need to Renovate

7 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Home Business

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If you thought that you would have to tear apart your spare bedroom and completely revamp it to make room for your office, think again. Yes, it is helpful and beneficial to have a distinct space for your business, but you don’t need all that much space to be able to effectively run your business. In fact, you only really need room for a desk, and probably not even a very big one at that. As long as you have that, you should find that you are well on your way to having all the room you need – and still have that spare room for guests.

7. You Can’t Change Your Mind

Businesses come and go, and it’s important to remember that. Often even a really good business idea doesn’t quite land, and it’s not necessarily for any real reason. It is important that you remember to give yourself license to fail, and equally to try again whenever you fail. It might even take you a few times, but at some point you will come into the right business for you. Feel free to change your mind and your ideas, and you will soon be in a much better position with the business that you have always dreamed of.