7 Top Tips For A Successful New Product Launch

7 Top Tips For A Successful New Product LaunchSource: Flickr

Any new business will eventually need to launch their product or service. This needs to be as big an event as you can make it. Perhaps you are opening a retail outlet, or you’ve developed a new product. You need the right combination of marketing activity at your launch. You may not find enough customers to survive the first-year trading if you get this wrong. Here’s how to launch effectively:

1. Trade Magazines

If your customers are corporate, make sure you have submitted your press release in plenty of time. To write a good press release be sure to include who you are, why your launch is important to the industry, and how potential customers can reach you.

2. Product Or Company Information Leaflets

Print is not dead, so make the most of a leaflet drop or insert. If your company is local, you could insert in the local newspaper. Alternatively, drop a leaflet in every letterbox within a mile of your store. Be sure to hold onto a good stock for handing out at any events or trade shows.

3. Launch Party

If the budget can stretch to a bit of an event, why not have a launch party? If you are a local business in an affluent community, these sorts of things probably happen quite often. Be sure to invite influential members of the community. This could include local government members and other business leaders. Use social media to get the word out about the event. Join local Facebook groups to increase your local online reach.

4. Sales Stand

You can put up a gazebo and table almost anywhere and laden it with leaflets and samples of your product. Let your local authority know so you can apply for the right licences if needed. To launch your product or service, have some good quality exhibition stands made up that you can transport from site to site. They should bear your logo and strapline. Use a special low price offer, or unique gift to customers who purchase from you at that stand. Be sure to hand out leaflets as well.

5. Local Events

If there are any local events happening, get involved. Make sure you can have a pitch, and see if you can sponsor part of the event too. It helps spread your logo about. If your company has a national or trade customer base, then make sure you have your exhibition kit at all trade events.

6. Find Someone To Endorse Or Sponsor Your Business

Invite a local or national celebrity to attend your launch party. It will certainly draw more attention and add content to local media coverage. Perhaps you can find someone to endorse your product or service, or pay for a famous face to feature in an advert.

7. Press And Social Media

Press releases and social media are key to letting people know that you are here, and you are ready to take customer orders. You want to reach people who can pass your message on to the masses. Make what you have to say relevant and interesting to the people that follow them. Puff pieces rarely get any coverage. Make your launch event count by providing a way for customers to buy then and there.

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