7 Top Tips For Computer Maintenance

7 Top Tips For Computer MaintenanceSource: Flickr

Maintaining your computer is really important. They can cost a pretty penny, and failing to maintain them can cost you a lot more. Why spend ages choosing the right model and spending a small fortune on it if you’re not going to look after it? Here’s the best help and advice for computer maintenance.

1. Keep it in a Safe Place

Make sure you keep your computer in a safe enough place. Keeping it somewhere it can get damaged is a quick way to spend a fortune on repairs. For instance, having it somewhere where there’s a lot of foot traffic, or even near water/condensation. Some people have a glass of water or liquid right next to their PC as they browse and do whatever they do, but this is a huge risk! Computer maintenance starts with you taking small extra precautions that don’t have much to do with the computer at all.

2. Clean the Outside Regularly

Cleaning the outside of your computer can stop the inside from malfunctioning too soon. You can clean it by using an air canister to blow away crumbs, dust, and dirt, as well as a soft cloth. If you don’t, your computer can quickly get clogged up.

3. Supervise Kids

Letting kids use the computer can help them with their development and school work. But you should supervise them where possible, especially if they’re young. They learn fast, but they might not realise that something they’ve clicked on or downloaded is dangerous for the computer.

4. Update it Regularly

Update your programs and things on your computer regularly, to keep things running smoothly. If you don’t do this, you could experience freezing and other annoying problems. The more you keep your computer updated, the better it will run.

5. Get Rid of Things You No Longer Use

If you have things on your computer you no longer use, get rid of them. Whether it’s playlists, videos, or programs, uninstall and delete them. This will free up space and make your computer more organised.

6. Protect it as Best You Can

Protecting your computer from viruses and other nasties with the right kind of programs will help it to last longer. Virus removal can be done, but it can be troublesome and you might even lose important documents that you’ve kept on your computer. Some models automatically have things installed to protect them, but you should double check to make sure yours is looked after.

7. Organise Your Cords

The cords at the back of your computer can make a real mess and even become a hazard if you don’t sort them out. Organise them by turning everything off and taking the time to untangle and organise. Once it’s done you can keep it organised and you won’t have to worry.

Don’t neglect to maintain your computer. You can make these machines last an awfully long time if you take care of them both inside and outside as early on as possible. If you don’t, you might end up replacing yours sooner than you think.

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