7 Trending Social Games You Can Play Online

7 Trending Social Games You Can Play OnlineSource: Pexels

Online gaming has fast gripped the ravenous attention of gamers as they are now able to interact with one another, get cheats from online chat rooms and easily discover hidden game gems. What makes online gaming even more alluring than all of the above is the affordability of the game. Unlike console gaming you needn’t spend thousands of dollars on games, gear and the actual console, although many PC gamers still do this but by choice not as a necessity. Mobile gamers can also access these games and learn the same amount of intel as PC gamers. So if you are looking at new gaming avenues or you are already an avid social online gamer looking for the trendiest games available, here is where you may want to start. Enjoy one or all of these 7 trending gaming options.

1. Online Casino Gaming

Currently there are a number of trending online casinos to choose from, but our favourite is NetBet UK as there are a number of online casino games to choose from as well as sports betting options. Online casino gaming has fast risen to one of the most popular forms of gaming. You are able to interact with your live dealer, play games offered from wide casino varieties, play for real cash or play for fun.

2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Making it to the top 7 trending games is a gaming invention from Blizzard Entertainment which has been designed for Windows, iPad and iOS. An annual competition is held in the United States each to show the true king of Heroes of Warcraft.

3. Game of Bombs

The virtual game offers a multiplayer experience. Bomb up your screen with the latest Bomberman version which connects players from around the world. The chat room allows you to get the full package of human interaction.

4. World of Tanks

One of the biggest gaming hits of 2019 is the World of Tanks. Being a multiplayer player game and a hit at that, the game creates an online warzone which holds the world record of having the most online users gaming all at once.

5. Battlefield 4

One of the versions of Battlefield, the 4th one to be exact, has been ranked amongst the most popular online games courtesy of high definition graphics, multiplayer mode and interactive options. Developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, everyone can have their fill of fun.

6. Diablo III

Rated as one of the fastest selling games for PC, Diablo III has been designed by Blizzard Entertainment and sold 3.5 million copies within 24 hours back in June. Now you can enjoy this game online.

7. League of Legends

Currently one of the most popular games for online gaming in 2019 is League of Legends. Thanks to fantastic graphics and an online multiplayer mode on a battlefield arena, Riot Games holds the title of having the most popular online multiplayer game to date. With over 27 million players around the world, it’s hard to disagree that League of Legends shouldn’t be rated as number one.