7 Trends Of Amazing Web Design In 2013


These days, many companies will use their websites to market their business, meet clients and even sell their products. In short, websites have become a one-stop shop for all the client’s requirements, since even voice calls and online chats are a means through which new clients can get real-time response to their queries, thus eliminating the need of visiting the premises. This year, most websites are going to take up different design trends, here are 7.

1. A Website That Is Easily Adaptable To Any Gadget

Many gadgets can access the internet these days, and web designers have discovered the need to make websites to adapt to all those platforms. For example, a company needs whoever is accessing their website from a smart phone to get the same experience as the one who is accessing the same from a desktop, a laptop or even a tablet computer.

2. Simplicity

Visitors want to visit a website that they will be able to navigate without any hindrances, therefore regardless of what the website contains; every user should feel at home. Therefore, websites are becoming simpler and more attractive.

3. Application Style Designs

Thanks to the Apple store and the Google play store, people are getting used to applications, whenever they are using their phones or tablet computers. The same is likely to be the trend where website designs will resemble applications, and more so, the designs are sure to be as responsive as the applications that they imitate.

4. Content Centred

People visit websites in order to get information, and they can hear it, watch it, or even read it. In all cases, reading is at the centre of it, and websites are sure to develop while placing a lot of emphasis on the quality of the content. Simple and easy to understand content is attractive, in addition to creative and up-to-date information.

5. Enhanced Visual Experience

You must have noticed that these days, websites stretch across the screen, regardless of how wide the screen is. This is what web designers are going for this year, since a visitor wants to read only when he or she has to, but if he or she can view the picture and get the idea, it will be much easier to understand what the website is about.

6. Infinite Scrolling

This is a break away from the norm where everybody knows that a particular website will have a menu bar where a visitor can click and go to the page that he or she desires to get to. The infinite scrolling will be famous for websites that represent an on-going process, where the last step is an introduction to the first step and so on.

7. Integrating Social Media Into Websites

Social media has become an integral part of websites, since website owners want to attract as many people to their website as possible. Since most people spend time in their social media platforms, the web developers make it easy for individuals to cross over to their websites.

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