8 Steps To Taking Professional Looking Family Photographs

A Guide to Taking Professional Looking Family PhotographsSource: Flickr

Taking pictures of your family is one of the best ways to remember important events in your lives. Even if nothing particularly special is going on, it’s one way you can make sure you can look back and remember what life was like years before! You’ll want pictures to display, show your grandkids, just because! However, spending lots of money on professional photos isn’t always an option. Here’s how you can take professional family photographs:

1. Take Candid Photos Of Kids

Kids look much better in photos when they’re not posed. Instead of trying to force them into stiff positions that they won’t feel or look natural in, take more candid photos of them. Take pictures when they’re exploring, playing, and just doing their own thing.

2. Go Off Centre

Centring your subjects can look good sometimes, but you should try placing them off centre too. This still looks professional but can look more artistic than centring every picture.

3. Pay Attention To The Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference in photographs, so you need to make sure that the lighting is on point before you start snapping pics of your family. If you plan on taking them outside, you should make sure that there are some clouds in the sky so that it doesn’t look too bright. Duller days are perfect for taking photographs.

4. Have Fun Outdoors

Have fun together outdoors to get some pictures of you all enjoying one another’s company. Just remember the previous point on lighting; if it’s too bright, your pictures won’t turn out half as well.

5. Coordinate Your Clothing

To create a more uniformed look in your photographs, you can consider coordinating your clothing. You don’t have to wear matching outfits, but similar colours can look really nice in pictures. Most photographers will tell you this if you ask them for tips!

6. Play Around With Your Camera Settings

Play around with your camera settings to see what works best for the shots you want. If you only use your iPhone to take pictures, that’s fine too – the tips here still apply! You can even download apps to help you edit your pictures to look more professional. You don’t have to have your own photography business to know how to take great pictures.

7. Blur The Background

Sometimes, blurring the background can make the subjects of the picture stand out more and make for a more professional picture. You can do this with settings on your camera, or edit the picture after to make it look blurred.

8. Make Them Laugh

Make your family laugh to get some natural looking pictures that will make you smile for years to come. Don’t just make them say ‘cheese’, as this can still end up creating unnatural looking photographs.

Use these tips and you’ll have some amazing family photographs to treasure and look back on forever! If you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading – see you again soon!

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