8 Ways To Turn Your Business Green Today

How To Turn Your Business Green In 8 StepsSource: Flickr

It’s not just individuals who should be responsible for tackling climate change. Businesses can also play an important role. With a few simple steps, you can easily turn your business green. Not only will this benefit the environment, but your clients and customers are sure to be impressed too!

1. Get Rid of Paper

Are you still relying on paper to collect all your information and files? Switch to online documentation instead. There are many cloud-based websites that allow you to store files and access them from any computer or device in the world. You’ll save plenty of office space without those hefty filing cabinets. And you’ll also be able to find documents at the drop of the hat wherever you are. Try Dropbox for cloud sharing.

2. Recycle as Much as You Can

The chances are you’re already doing this but if you’re not, it is time to start recycling. Don’t just stop at recycling anything that can be recycled. When you come to buy office supplies, think about purchasing recycled paper to work with, and paper towels for the bathrooms. You can even get up-cycled furniture (old furniture that has been renovated).

3. Encourage Cycling

Turn your business into a great place to work by offering a cycle to work scheme to your employees. Not only will they appreciate this perk, but you’ll also be keeping them fit all whilst protecting the environment.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Business Travel

Technology has made life so much easier. We can now attend meetings without even having to be in the same time zone. If you don’t need someone to travel to the office, let them connect to meetings via conference calls. Skype is great for video calls too, so you can be as good as face to face if need be.

5. Become More Efficient

Every business dreads the auditors, but getting an energy audit could help you save money on bills by stopping you from wasting energy. Alternatively, if you work in a large building, it’s worth checking with your facility management to see if they have suggestions on how to ensure your business is being energy efficient.

6. Enjoy a Green Lunch

If you have a company canteen, try to encourage meals made from organic and sustainable ingredients. Did you know that giving up beef can reduce your carbon footprint more than giving up your car? To push forward this agenda, why don’t you implement meat-free Mondays?

7. Buy Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Some bin liners take a long time to break down, so see if you can invest in some biodegradable garbage bags. This will free up space in landfills and stop them from becoming filled with black bin liners.

8. Turn Everything Off

It’s tempting to leave all your computers on when you head home. Or to leave the lights on for the night. But is there any practical need for it? If you turn off electrical items each night you’ll be amazed by how much money you’ll end up saving each year.

To find out more on the subject, why not read 101 Ways to Turn Your Business Green.

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