A Ride Through Miami Waters

The majestic city of Miami in south Florida is home to the most amazing beaches, historic sites and extinct creatures on the planet. Miami can accommodate people of all ages and offer them a grandiose vacation. The ostentatious weather and premium locations give you a mesmerising experience. People pine for the Miami nightlife with the most vivacious colors of nature.

You cannot miss the enthralling cruising experiences with exuberant beach parties. The Biscayne Bay in Miami is illustrious for its deep sea fishing and the water taxis. The sandy beaches in the paradise of Miami will send you on a treasure hunt to explore the idiosyncratic nature. You and your family can enjoy fun filled activities like hiking, beach parties, cruise parties, sun dance, and camping and water sports. Tucked in your swimsuit and a camera you can capture your every moment in Miami.

miami beach
Miami Beach by miami fever

Miami is amongst the most visited destinations of the world. Hence, day by day the tourist facilities have increased. It has every provision to make the tourists comfortable and help them relish their Miami trip. There are various modes of transport offered to the tourists, which suit their needs and budget.

The city is well connected by road and amazing new-fangled water transport. The buses in the city take a halt at convenient spots and take you through the vivid city. The skyscrapers shimmering in the sunlight with explicit fashion on the streets grab your attention.

Once you get candid with the city lights, you can commute through the well known sites. The buses take you through the historic places, museums and the best restaurants in the city. The city also has Metrorail, which takes you across the prime locations in the city at very reasonable prices. There are various shuttles operating between the city and the airport. There are many convenient modes to go to your hotel from the airport.

Lightning off South Beach
Lightning Off South Beach by MattSherman

However, you don’t want to miss the serene waters of the Biscayne Bay. The best option to enjoy the deep oceans is rove through the water taxi. A few things that you should know about water taxis in Miami are as follows:

If you are confused where to start from, the water taxis offer inbound and outbound options, which take you in different directions of the city.

The water taxi staff has a customised programme chalked out for your sightseeing. This will give travellers with limited time to visit their favourite destinations of Miami.

The taxis have fixed stops at suitable locations. Hence, you can disembark and board the water taxi wherever you want. This is known as the hop-on and hop-off service of the water taxi in Miami. The guides on board assist you to reach your desired destination and make your trip trouble-free.

There are certain occasions when the water taxis are not in service or close down early. On New Years Eve the taxis stop operating early and are closed on Christmas. The schedule of the taxis changes on special occasions like the Annual Winter Boat Parade, Thanksgiving, etc.

The water taxis have programmes, which highlight the best possible destinations in Miami ranging from hottest hotels to amazing bars. And all this with incredible discounts to give you and your family a splendid experience without ripping out your pockets.

miami sunset..
Miami Sunset by iCamPix.Net

While cruising through the Biscayne Bay, you cannot miss the Bayside marketplace. The water taxis halt here to help you get the best shopping experience. The bayside marketplace is filled with artefacts and handicrafts which are sold at affordable prices. The handmade woven fabrics create the best tapestry. The taxi takes you through the Jungle Island and Sea Isle Marina to give you a complete Miami voyage.

The taxi is well equipped with travelling necessities and provides a comfortable ambience. Though the taxi is open air, it also has a canopy to protect you from heavy rains and wind.

The Taxi is spacious enough to carry around 35-40 passengers with a pass facility. The pass enables you to board the taxi at any convenient location and lets you enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Christina is an experienced writer from Miami, who covers fishing, travel, hotels, I.T. and more. She currently writes for Miami Sport Fishing.

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