A Step By Step Guide To Launching Your Consultancy Business

A Step By Step Guide To Launching Your Own Consultancy BusinessSource: Flickr

Launching any new business involves lots of hard work and motivation. However, starting out as a consultant is simple. You just need to make sure you have the right expertise. The step by step guide on this page will help to make sure you don’t overlook anything important. When all’s said and done, knowledge and advice are always in demand. That means there are lots of people out there who are more than willing to pay for your time. Maybe you’ve worked in the marketing world for ten years? Perhaps you’ve mastered complex databases that are useful for large businesses? Either way now is the time to put your talents to good use.

1. Get a Functional and Responsive Website

Most of your consultancy work will originate online. That is why you need an attractive and simple website that displays properly across all devices. While you could design the domain yourself, there are specialist firms that focus on websites for coaches. Considering that, you’ll get much better results if you outsource the job. Of course, you’ll have to invest some money, but the site should help you to claw that expenditure back. Make sure you speak with the designers ahead of time and explain your requirements. With a bit of luck, they’ll have the perfect website for you in only a couple of days.

2. Promote Yourself on Social Media and Adwords

Google Adwords allows business owners to target their audience effectively. You can push your ads towards people who are part of the right demographic. Maybe you’re interested in providing advice for marketing professionals? Well, you can make sure people who work for marketing companies encounter your ads on almost every site they visit. Social media is also a tool you can’t afford to ignore. No matter what consultancy work you provide, the right people are out there somewhere. Nearly everyone has a Facebook account these days, and so that is where you should make your start.

3. Build a Portfolio

New clients might want to read testimonials from people you’ve helped in the past. With that in mind, you should build a strong portfolio as soon as possible. Maybe you could give your first ten clients a discount on the premise they write a few words about their experience? That idea is fantastic because the client gets a better deal, and you get the testimonials you require. Make sure you publish your portfolio alongside any testimonials online. You’ll get much better results if people can view your work without having to get in touch. Any professional worth their salt would research a consultant thoroughly before spending money.

The only other things you need to worry about relate to how you will deliver your advice. Some people choose to meet with clients face to face. That is a great idea if you work for people who live in the same part of the world. However, those who earn the best wages have to deal with international clients. For that reason, you must invest in a good video messaging solution. Skype is okay, but there are better alternatives for people in your position. You need something that will provide you with a reliable feed 24/7. Just do some research until you find the ideal solution.