Are Microsoft Certification Exams A Way To Test Yourself Or A Way To Learn?

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Microsoft Certificate

Microsoft Certificate – Source:

Microsoft Certification Exams are more complex than they may first appear. They are exams that have multiple purposes depending on how you look at them, and each purpose is a valid one. The reality is that each Microsoft Certification Exam is a measure of where you are at this point in time and a catalyst for future growth.

They Are Obviously Tests

To start with, Microsoft Certification Exams are Obviously Tests. They are meant to evaluate what you know to see if you deserve certain certifications. No one is going to argue with you when you say that these exams were created with the intention of assessing knowledge and abilities, but that’s not the end of the story.

They Help You Learn, Too

How do these exams help you to learn? They strongly encourage you to make your knowledge complete. They cover complete skill sets and information relevant to those skill sets so that you are called on to achieve mastery of both. They promote learning because you have to know your stuff if you want to secure a passing score.

They Lead To More Learning

Plus, Microsoft Certification Exams lead to more learning in many cases. One certification is rarely enough because most IT professionals like to keep working their way up the ladder. These certification exams become both teaching tools and stepping stones to greater learning.

Microsoft Certification Exams test you and help you learn. While the test itself is the evaluation phase, this phase promotes more learning so that it can be successfully completed.

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