AutoQ3 CAD Software Review

AutoQ3 is an open source 2D/3D graphic design software developed by the AutoQ3 team for drafting technical and mechanical drawings. It is easy to use computer-aided design due to its detailed learning process, making it suitable for use by beginners, intermediate CAD users and professional designers. This article discusses its unique features, the platforms (computer devices) that it runs on and the different operating systems that support it.

The Modeling Features Of AutoQ3

The User Interface

AutoQ3 CAD platform is built with well defined toolbars and drop down menus which makes it convenient for both beginners and professional graphic designers to find their way around its intuitive workspace. All commands and tool features can also be accessed with the use of special keys or short cuts which makes accomplishing a drawing or design task easier and faster to execute.

Preset Views

It provides designers drafting in 2D and 3D different viewing options that allows diverse perspective views according to the dimension chosen. For 2D drawings it provides the user with panning and zooming functions to enable in-depth inspections, while 3D designs use orthogonal and isometric preset views as well as zooming, panning and rotational options to make navigating through a design from an angle possible.

AutoQ3’s computer-aided-design interface comes with seven preset viewpoints to make navigation around a 3D model and editing graphic designs easy.

Drawing And Modification Toolsets

Creating surface models is easily accomplished by using the available drawing tools, such as the primitive geometry sets that includes; spheres and boxes depending on the shape of the model to be designed and these primitive surfaces (created with the drawing features) can also be extruded, bored and revolved using the appropriate tools in its toolset.

The modification toolset are used for carrying out editing tasks on model components that need to be cropped, extended, trimmed etc. and includes; Trimming tools for trimming edges and unnecessary lines, extending tools, snapping tools for increasing the accuracy of lines drawn on both 2D and 3D drafts.

Grouping Functions

The grouping functions in the AutoQ3 computer-aided-design enables you to group design components as one entity to allow for uniform changes and modifications when needed, which helps the CAD user organise his or her models at the same time with ease, using a modification tool.

Import And Export Functions

With AutoQ3, sharing designs in a work group or with different users is made easy with its different file format feature. A designer can share designs in hard copy formats as well as soft copy formats such as; Drawing Exchange Format DXF, 3D studio 3DS, exporting to AutoCAD etc. which simplifies the problem of sharing files while working with different CAD platforms.

AutoQ3 CAD Specifications

The AutoQ3 runs on Linux and Windows operating systems.
Drawing Tools: Line, circle, rectangle, arc, Polygon, Sphere etc.
Edit Tools: Mirror, Array, Scale etc.
Preset Views: Top, Front, Bottom, Back, Left, Isometric.
View Tools: Wire frame, line modes, rotate, Zoom, Pan etc.
Snap Tools: Endpoint, Midpoint, Nearest, Intersection, Grid and Center.
Other Tools: STL, DXF, OBJ 3DS etc. file support, grouping, distance etc.

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