Be Aware! Protect Your Wares With These 2 Top Technology Picks

Be Aware! Protect Your Wares With These 2 Top Technology PicksSource: Flickr

One of the biggest fears for manufacturers and operators is the security of their wares. It’s only natural, with so much depending on the stock. You most likely already take as many precautions as possible to protect you from the unexpected. Let me guess. You’re armed to the teeth with property insurance. You’ve got counting stock down to a fine art.

After all, this is your life’s work. You simply cannot afford to let it slip away. You never know what’s around the corner, so it’s important to arm yourself for any eventuality. With that in mind, here are some of our top tech picks for protecting your supplies:

1. Security Systems

It should almost go without saying that your premises should be armed with the highest grade security you can afford. Whether that’s for your warehouse or elsewhere is up to your discretion. The fact is, wherever you keep your products stored opens you up to risk. It’s an unfortunate truth that there are plenty of people out there waiting for their chance to get something for nothing. For them, warehouses and business premises offer the chance of a lifetime to fill their loot bags. Literally.

Gone are the days when a solid security strategy involved a security guard and accompanying growling dog. Things are a little more sophisticated than that these days, and we’re thankful for it. Most security technology is incredibly affordable now. Some even allow for free set-up, and you simply pay monthly for the services they provide. Even then, you can’t put a price on assurances, can you?

The security alarms within these systems are often hooked up to the emergency services. For example, if a motion is detected, the alarm will send a signal straight to the police. With any luck, they’ll be there in time to catch the perpetrator red-handed. It’s not just thieves you need to worry about, though – have you thought about the dangers of a fire on your premises? No problem. Using the same principle, smoke alarms can be hooked up to alert the fire brigade immediately. Hopefully reducing any potential damage in the process.

2. GPS Tracking

Another of the more common problems that befall manufacturers is the chance of your cargo going missing. Whether it’s by land, air, or sea, there’s always the chance of problems arising when you least expect it. Arming yourself with great GPS fleet tracking software allows you to prepare for these eventualities. For example, if your stock is hijacked and on the move, you can easily identify its location and alert the police.

Or, a hopefully more common issue would be simple delays in the shipping process. It happens sometimes. Ships are led astray every day without warning, and it’s important you know where you stand. Knowing exactly where your products are and how long they’ll take to arrive allows you to let your customers know what to expect. This, of course, is especially important if you don’t want a particularly busy day for your customer service agents!