Bringin’ Sexy App, Yeah

Bringin’ Sexy App, YeahSource: Pexels

It’s much easier than you think to develop an app. In fact, most anyone with an idea and a few day’s worth of time can get one up and running, ready for the wider public to use. But developing a good app? Well, now, that’ll take a little bit more time. Start with the idea and spin around your head for a while, then when you’re ready, take our following tips during development and you’ll have an app worthy of your time and effort.

1. A Fresh Look

Take a look at any of the top grossing apps and you’ll quickly notice a theme: they all have a look that is fresh, minimal, and utterly simple. You should mimic this style for your own app. Use positive colours, ones that are light and crisp, and as few a words as you can get away with. You want your app to be about its actual purpose, so keep that in the forefront of your mind when it comes to the design by asking yourself: ‘what will adding this bring to the end result?’

2. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

An app can look amazing, be useful, and win plaudits for consumers for its innovative feel…but that won’t matter at all if it’s not stable. More than anything, your app needs to be free of bugs. During development, manage JIRA testing every step of the way to make sure everything is working as it should be. When the app is finished, test it extensively and rigorously across different platforms. If it can handle being pushed to the max on a number of devices, it’s probably good to go – but keep an eye on it and be quick to respond to any errors.

3. Invasive Advertising

All apps have to make money somehow, and advertising is an obvious way to do this. But advertising should be your cash cow. And it shouldn’t interfere with the usability of the app in any way. Invasive advertising is a sure fire way to turn people away from your app. Customers don’t owe you anything, so don’t give them a chance to walk away before you’ve even shown what you can do!

Bringin’ Sexy App, Yeah

Source: Pexels

4. Go Offline

We’re a digitally connected world, with data and WiFi hotspots and all the rest ensuring we’re rarely without a connection. However, it does happen – think of the tube, or when our data runs out, or when we’re trying to save battery on our smartphones. Make your app so it doesn’t completely breakdown when it’s used offline. It’s a small feature, but an important one that’ll make your app stand out.

5. Keeping it Simple

Ultimately, the key to get a great app is simplicity. Easy to use, simple design, clear message. Make sure your app has a clear objective. There must be a reason why it exists and why people would want it. Don’t deviate from this – there’s no point overcomplicated your app. You can do one thing very well or several things just well – which app would be the success? Easy answer: the one that does that thing very well!