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The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Reducing Startup Expenditure

The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Reducing Startup Expenditure

Regardless of the niche, all entrepreneurs need to work hard to reduce start-up expenditure. It’s often difficult to get high levels of investment from the bank these days. The global financial crisis made those institutions a little more careful about how much cash they hand out. Still, with the right business plan, it’s possible to… Read more »

5 Things Your Business Is Wasting Money On

5 Things Your Business is Wasting Money On

Making sure your company is operating in the most financially efficient way possible should be a priority for every business owner. But over time, it becomes harder and harder to keep control of your business expenses, especially if your company is growing rapidly. Getting the right accountants on board is certainly a good starting point,… Read more »

What Is In A Meme?

What Is In A Meme

‘What’s in a meme? That which we call a meme by any other name would be just as hilarious’ – William Shakespeare. OK, maybe that wasn’t quite Shakespeare, but it’s not far off. The fact is, it’s 2017 and memes are a huge part of our culture. We love memes. We love telling people how… Read more »