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From Musician To Trucker: A Student Loan Story

From Musician To Trucker A Student Loan Story

This is an American story.  The story of student loans in America, an outstanding American musician, and what can happen when these two collide. It’s a cautionary tale, and trust me, it’s not pretty. But there’s something to be said for the resilience it portrays. Jacob is a superb drummer. Originally from Chico, California, Jacob… Read more »

6 Financial Do’s And Don’t’s Of Getting Through A Divorce

6 Financial Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting Through A Divorce

Divorce process is filled with financial and emotional concerns. Fortunately, spouses can ease up the financial consequences by organising their finances and preparing an elaborate documentation for court or mediation hearings. In this article we are going to analyse the financial aspects of divorce, and share 6 tips that will help you prepare for this… Read more »

Can You Still Make Millions As A Manufacturer?

Can You Still Make Millions As A Manufacturer

Reading news articles this year, you might be under the impression that there is no longer any money in the manufacturing industry. Establishing a startup in this industry might appear to be like running straight into a brick wall. Before you even get started, you’ve already got plenty of problems and issues that you’ll need… Read more »