Create The Perfect Mural For Your Office In 3 Easy Steps

Create The Perfect Mural For Your OfficeSource: Pixabay

Creating a mural is a great way to spice up an office and make your business stand out. If you’re thinking about painting one, here are a few of my expert design tips.

1. Sketch The Design On Paper

It’s always a good idea to sketch your design on paper before you start defacing the wall in front of you. If you haven’t thought of a design, then that’s what sketchpads are for! Have a little scribble and draw numerous designs on your pad. Choosing a design will depend on where your mural is going. If it’s indoors, you’ll probably want something a little subtle and business friendly. Some businesses like to have a mural in their office to make it seem more personal, make it specific to your business. Think about where your mural is going and the inspiration shall follow.

Show the designs to fellow employees. Let them pick their favourite. After you’ve got the design sorted, you can turn your attention to the wall itself.

2. Draw The Outlines

Before you jump into the whole painting stage, you should consider drawing the outline first. If you’re creating an indoor mural, you can buy special pencils to draw on walls. If you’re working on a wall outside, perhaps use something like chalk to draw the outline. When you have the outline drawn, you can see where everything will go. Your mural will start to look real and come to life.

The next stage is drawing in any other features you deem important. Think of this like it’s any other artwork you’d produce. If you’re drawing something, you sketch it out first and draw the outlines. Then you drawn in any features before finally bringing it to life with colour and shading. It this scenario, the colour will come from the paint.

Create The Perfect Mural For Your Office 2

Source: Pixabay

3. Get The Right Paint

You have to make sure you have all the paint ready to complete your mural. But, it’s also important you have the right kind of paint for the design you’re going for. Your bog standard arts and crafts paint probably won’t do here. You’ll need something stronger, something that can stand the test of time. If you’re doing a mural indoors, you’ll want a safe paint. You don’t want to get one that gives off a strong adhesive smell forever. If you’re creating a mural outside, then you’ll need something weather resistant.

Also, consider if you want to use tubs of paint or spray paint, like the ones at Paints 4 Trade. For some people, they may think spray paint is best for their design. It can be easier and quicker to colour in a large area, or give your mural a modern, graffiti, look. Again, if you’re working inside, then perhaps spray paint isn’t right for you. It’s all about figuring out the right paint for your creation. If you get it wrong, then you could end up ruining your whole mural.

Let your creative juices flow and design your very own mural. It can turn a dull office wall into something brilliant.