Easy Ways To Hone Your Photography Skills

Easy Ways To Hone Your Photography SkillsSource: Wikimedia

Photography is one of those things which seems much easier than it is. You might have been grinding at this particular hobby for a long time, but find that your shots still aren’t quite there. Don’t let frustration make you give up on developing your skills! There are a variety of easy ways you can improve your photography. Here are some things you can do today which will bring you closer to what you’re chasing!

The first big thing you can do is network with other photographers. When you have a buddy who will go out and shoot with you, you’ll notice the quality of your work improving almost immediately. Many people, photographers especially, like to think of themselves as independent and self-motivated. However, it’s much easier to go out on a long shoot when you have a friend who will go with you. They might even help by convincing you to get out of the house when you don’t feel like it! The whole idea is getting out and taking more pictures. The more you use your camera, the smoother you’ll become with controlling it, and the more work you’ll have to critique.

Easy Ways To Hone Your Photography Skills 2

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My second recommendation is to read more on photography. Seen as you’re reading this, you probably go looking for photography pointers anyway. My point is that you can never read too much. There are many different photography magazines out there, so find one that’s linked with your own niche. If you’re into nature shots, then check out Outdoor Photography. Or, if you prefer staged, artsy photos, then go for Hashtag Photography. If it won’t take too much out of your shooting time, then read some full-length books. Gordon Parks’ memoir The Hungry Heart is a great one to start with. This is not only very interesting, but reading about the work of a truly great photographer is sure to give you a few pointers.

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Finally, make sure you have the right gear. Yes, a seasoned pro with a smartphone can get better shots than a novice with a gorgeous DSLR. However, having high-quality gear gives you a better chance at the shots you want. Research your niche (if you’ve found one) before going to any photo stores. Remember to talk to your new photography buddies for their recommendations, too. You’ll need a high-quality camera, obviously. You’ll also want to get a selection of lenses, especially if you’re an outdoor photographer. Software such as Photoshop could also be something to consider. Finally, pick up a memory card, no matter what you’re shooting. There’s nothing worse than realising your camera’s storage is all used up right before a beautiful shot passes you by.

Take these tips on board, and you’ll see your shots becoming better and better. I could go on all day about photography advice, but simply reading and listening can’t make you one of the greats. Be patient with yourself. Photography is a very large and complex subject. Everyone has to go through certain learning experiences to get their shots looking great.