Empowering Your Onsite Workforce For Better Business Development

Empowering Your Onsite Workforce For Better Business DevelopmentSource: Flickr

You know the importance of training for increasing your workforce’s productivity. But did you know training your onsite staff can do more than just get your site running more efficiently, it can add value to a number of other key areas that will all have a positive impact on your bottom line and business reputation. Here are a few of the ways a skilled workforce can make a difference to your business:

1. Employee Turnover

The recruitment process can be long, laborious and expensive so to have to do this regularly due to high employee turnover can really damage your company’s profit margin. You can reduce employee turnover by investing in your staff with training and continued personal development. This will encourage your workforce to stay loyal as they will feel valued in their current roles and will feel able to manage increased responsibility, as well as help them to create a clear career path, through training, to other roles within the business

2. Reduce Supervision

This does not mean increasing the risk of accidents but the reality is if you have a skilled workforce the need for close supervision is reduced. This leaves supervisors, team leaders and senior staff members to concentrate on more important health and safety issues or efficiency measures onsite

3. Question the Way Things Are Always Done

Training staff not just in the skills required for their role but in project management and cutting-edge industry trends empowers the team to own efficiency and best practice measures and question the way things are always done to find continued improvements. You could show a member of your team how to put up a steel building for instance or you could give them through continued personal development the skills and confidence to project manage a build using contractors for a more cost and time efficient outcome. Understanding cutting edge material and technology and being able to share this with the company will help more junior members of the team to fulfil their potential and grow a future-looking business

4. Reduce Work-Related Injury or Illnesses

Health and safety is a big issue on a busy worksite but a well trained workforce can learn to spot risks before they happen meaning you can reduce the number of potential accidents and keep your workforce at work more often

5. Keep Certificates Up-to-Date

If you keep credentials up to date it will save you money in the long-run as you don’t have to start the training process from scratch. It is important for legal reasons that certain certificates are kept up to date depending on the industry and type of work your site requires. Most manual labor sites require a level of healthy and safety training to be maintained at all times for instance

6. Build a Trusted Brand

If your staff are looked after and feel valued they will be positive advocates for your business and this will improve your company’s brand value. Brand trust is key in a competitive market – if your staff feel empowered, valued and trusted then so will your customers