Enhancing Search Ranking With Guest Blogging – The Etiquettes Of Pitching A Guest Blog Post

Post Penguin Link Building is not as impossible as some might think, but it is definitely not as easy as before. One of the best ways to get natural organic links to your website, completely Google Penguin proof, is by guest blogging.

Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to link back to your site from another popular site in your niche. So you have gained a ‘relevant’ natural link that is good for SEO. Also you have exposed yourself and your content to a newer audience, who you may not have been able to target otherwise.

If you are able to bag a guest blogging opportunity in one of the high authority sites in your niche, both the above benefits become magnified because Google places greater weight on back links from authority sites and a high authority site with its huge following enhances visibility of your content to unprecedented levels. The question now is ‘how do you bag a guest blogging opportunity in the first place’. Everything depends on how you make the pitch. So pay attention to the following.

Be Personal in Your Approach

Nothing puts off a blog owner as much as receiving a guest blog pitch starting with “Hello there” or even worse “To the blog Manager”. Find out the Blog Manager’s name. There will be some clue on the site. It is also a good idea to find out from peers on social media as they may have contributed earlier to this site and may know the details.

Even, if you have already established a relationship with the blog owner via social media, it is recommended to make the pitch formally, addressing him/her the right way.

Research Is Good

Before making the pitch to write a guest blog on any site, etiquette demands that you research well. Read the previous posts, see the style of writing and incorporate in your pitch specifics about how your post will be an extension of already popular post on their site. Or you could mention you want to offer a different perspective on a topic that has generated lots of comments and discussion on that blog. Such research conveys your keen interest to blog owners and interests them too as they want to return the favour.

Respect The Blog Owner’s Time

Blog owners are busy. Respect their time by keeping your pitch short, sweet and meaningful. Attach previous writing samples, so they know what to expect. Pitch 2-3 broad ideas, as it makes it easier for them zero down on one (if at all).

Be Courteous

It is alright to follow up one or may be twice if you have not yet heard from them. But beyond that, move on. Don’t keep up the pesky reminders. You don’t want to end up in their ‘junk mail’ folder. Perhaps they are busy just then. A few months down the line, if you start afresh, you may get better results.

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