Finding Yourself A Career In The Fitness Industry

Finding Yourself A Career In The Fitness IndustrySource: Mi Business Mag

Fancy a job in health and fitness? Whilst this can be a highly competitive trade, it’s also a sector that’s growing all the time, meaning that there are always opportunities out there. Here are a few tips that could help you to achieve your dream career in fitness.

1. Get Qualified

Getting qualifications isn’t necessary for all jobs in the fitness industry, however in most cases employers will look upon qualifications favourably. There are some jobs where you may legally need a license to work in the trade – this is something that is worth looking into if you want to get hired. Even if you’re planning on starting your own business or freelancing, having qualifications behind you will help you to win over the trust of clients.

Often you’ll only need to take a short course. These can be pricey so you may want to save up or look into loan options. Many people in the fitness trade diversify their skills by taking multiple courses. For example, this course in sports massage here could be great if you already work in personal training or sports coaching, giving you the ability to nurse your clients injuries. Diversifying your skills can give your more options and may make you more employable.

2. Find Your Niche

Whilst it’s good to diversify your skillset, you should also try to have an area of focus that will help you to stand out. For example, if you want to become a successful personal trainer, it’s worth having an overall knowledge of everything from strength training to running training, however having a specialism such as martial-arts-based fitness or maternity fitness will give you a USP.

To choose your niche, you’re best drawing from your own passions and experiences. If you’ve done lots of martial arts in the past, it could be a great idea to incorporate this into your training style and make this your niche. If you’ve had children and managed to lose the baby fat, you could make training with new mothers your niche.

3. Have A Flexible Schedule

Sports coaches, personal trainers and physical therapists tend not to work nine to five schedules. The majority of clients you work with will want to train in the morning, evening or at the weekend in their free time. This means being available during these times if you want to get work.

Those that get successful in the fitness trade are often able to set their own hours. However, in the early days you should be grabbing every hour you can get, whether you’re working shifts for an employer or working for yourself. Of course, having your own free time is important – you may find that this just so happens to be midday rather than evenings.

Finding Yourself A Career In The Fitness Industry

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4. Don’t Wait For Ads To Come Up

Most people find work in the fitness industry by approaching employers directly. This is because there’s so many people pursuing this line of work that employers don’t need to advertise. This outgoing nature is often essential if you then want to attract clients, so start learning to be proactive.

5. Network

The fitness industry is definitely a trade where it pays to know the right people. Most aspiring personal trainers land themselves a job in a gym so that they can meet people that are passionate about fitness – these people often end up becoming clients or may lead on to other fitness opportunities. You may also find it beneficial to join sports clubs or attend fitness fairs.

If you’re freelancing, you could find that any social event can be an opportunity to meet new clients. Printing off business cards to carry around with you could be useful.

6. Market Yourself Online

You can also find work by marketing yourself online. Many fitness professionals are now using social media to find clients. You can set up your own Facebook page and run promoted posts that will be viewed by strangers in your area. You can also join local community groups where you may be able to advertise your services or where people may be able to recommend you.

Having a website could also be handy and could help to make your services seem more official. It’s possible to build your own website for free using a builder such as WordPress. Your website could be a great place to put testimonials as well as offering a background on who you are. You could even start a fitness blog to prove that you know your stuff.

There’s also the opportunity to use Youtube. You could try starting your own channel for giving fitness advice – this could involve showing people exercises or simply talking into a mic and giving people tips. You can share these videos on your site and on social media to gain more exposure.

7. Find Time To Keep Up Your Own Fitness Regime

As somebody that helps others to stay fit and healthy, it’s important that you’re a role model. Make sure that you’re finding enough free time for your own fitness regime on top of working with clients. You may want to get out of the gym if this is where most of your work is based, both to help you separate free time and work time and so that you’re not distracted by clients or colleagues.