Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute 0Source: Pixabay

A Few Online Tools to Create the Simplest Logo in a Minute

We bet your business needs a logo, but we’re not sure whether you have the money for it. That’s we have done a special research on how to create a more or less quality logo using just online tools. Fortunately, there are plenty of online services with wide options.

No doubts, logos are crucial elements for any website. Without an attractive logo that connects the visitors with your brand, you can hardly achieve success in the business. Please, read the paper carefully if you do want your visitors to memorize your brand for a long time.

1. Requirements for the Logo

Consider the next logos types:

Symbolic – presented by a picture or an image, or sometimes even by a small animal. Also, the logo can be an animated subject. The main point when creating a symbolic logo is the connection between the logo and the essence of the website.

Text – presented via beautifully written text that represents the main pros of your business or just creates a strong association.

Combined – consists of both graphic and text.

Also, please consider the following:

Memorability – The too sophisticated logo will harm your business.

Uniqueness – Copying other people’s logos is the shortest way to down your company. Once you create plagiarism, be ready to meet with the true logo owners eager to justice.

Originality – Regular logos are unlikely to attract new visitors and generate leads to your business.

Associativity – It should not irritate visitors, that is, to be too bright, provoking, etc.

2. Best Websites to Create Text Logos

The main “+” of the service is that it picks up version of the logo, based on the company’s name and business field.

There are 4 simple steps:

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute

Logaster generates several dozens of trademark, reads the chosen name of the brand, and picks up the graphics for it. That is, if you choose “Apple” name, the system offers you options with an apple in the picture. So your logo will be, at least, relevant to the business.

One of the simplest logo generators; however, it has more options to choose comparing to Logaster. You can see them on the screen:

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute 2

In general, the creation of the logo goes through three stages:

1. Selection of the appropriate template.
2. Entering the name of your logo.
3. Clicking on Enter.

As a result, you’ll get a small 40-50 kilobytes .png file.

Text Logo Maker

This service gives you the opportunity to create both text (textured or coloured) and text animated logos. After you choose the appropriate way, you’ll the options window where you have to select:

> Text/size.
> Text/glow colours.
> Font.

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute 3

It’s a more complex, but also much more functional service for the independent creation of the logo online. You can change:

> Font and image size and colour.
> Background gradient (horizontal and vertical).
> Shadow and layers (that is, to overlay logos).

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute 4

3. Best Websites to Create Button Logos


The main advantage of the service is the possibility of creating the code of a CSS-style of a button that you can insert into a theme and use on a constant basis.

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute 5


It’s a very convenient and easy buttons generator. In just a minute you can make a logo. Choose a suitable template, enter the text you want, and change the font and the color palette the way you want. After these 3 simple steps, you’ll get the logo.

Free Online Tools To Create Simple Logos In A Minute 6

At first glance, the creation of a logo by automatic means does not promise you anything good. However, you can use these instruments to search for the ideas. Finally, your business will look much prettier with a logo than without it. If you don’t know how to make a good logo, you can get a lot of inspiration from our logo design website.

Brian Jens is a part of Design Contest – a website that holds contests between the best designers in the world. Brian is fond of research and blogging, so from time to time he collects the ideas of his readers, chooses a few best ones and starts investigations. If you have something to ask or share, feel free to do it.

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